What is the best hedging strategy?


Can anyone suggest me what is the best settings for hedging?

My settings :

All below numeric are in Points (1 pip = 10 points)

Zone Gap : 50
Take Profit : 100+pair spread
Stop Loss : 0
Recovery Take profit : 70 (Incase it do not hit take profit, i close the trade manually at 70)
initial trade : 0.01 lot
Multiplier : 2x (Doubling each Trade)
Time-frame : 1 minute
Currency pair : Less then 25 spread

This is the settings which i use while i am doing hedging but the issues i face it take a lot of time and as the lot is exponentially growing it getting very big lot and very big drag-down/drop-down. I am planning to customize my technique but i am confused what should i do? increase zone size? or increase lot multiplication?

What do you suggest? what your hedging strategy


My hedging strategy is using a variable lot size on three correlated pairs. For example

I hope that helps your system.

It Triangular Arbitration strategy. It hard to manage manually. Do you have any EA to do this automatically? If you have please share.

Thank you

Can’t you open three pairs at the same time, or is your EA just designed for one pair at a time? My pro friend has his EA linked to all the major pairs, which is capable of running at least four at a time.

But don’t ask me about EAs, as I haven’t got the knowledge to make or use one.