What is the best indicator to notify the buy trend ever

There to many things under consider all but I need to know from the experts of babepips.com that what kinds of technical indicator/s is are ?
Which provides a buy trend when it starts first.
How to avoid bad buy signals and or can be avoided by sl

Since there are so many technical indicators available, your idea of best and someone else’s idea of best are not necessarily going to agree with each other.

On whatever charting software you use how about you test each of the indicators one by one and see which one you think is best.

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Right so is my goal.
I have started from macd
I can find macd line and signal bar lin but where do I find the total two lines of slower and faster ema to wait for a cross over.
When I insert macd it looks like while I have seen on examples there are two line

It’s simply should look like we insert

2 ma slo and fast and let the fast corossover/ under to determine trends

MACD and all other indicators are derived from historical price. None will have any predictability of more than 50%.

In fact, many systems I’ve backtested do better buying when there’s a clear sell signal and selling when there’s a buy signal. Risk management, position management are far more important than an entry and exit signal.

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