What is the best pair to scalp?

Hi, I was a swing trader before. Just curios to those who scalp. What is the best pair that you use? EURUSD? GU? And what time?

If you are looking to do scalping trades then the best pair will be EURUSD and GBPUSD along with USDJPY.

The timings will differ from the London markets for EURUSD to New York market for GBPUSD and Tokyo market for USDJPY :wink:

Scalp pure order flow via the DOM in the futures market.
That’s the best [B][I]environment [/I][/B]to scalp.

Scalping is a very wonderful strategy in forex trading. The pair i like to scalp with is GBP/JPY. Note that not all brokers allow scalping in their platform.

While I agree in general that EUR/USD and GBP/USD are great pairs to scalp, I also think that the closer we get to the referendum in the UK the more we should avoid trading them.


Im a scalping machine, took 45 trades this week. Although GU gives great price swings, its mostly unstable. EG is best bargain for investment/Return per pip.

GU you would need 2X what you would need with EG for same outcome pip wise.

Also, EG is almost spot on in correlation to USDX. GU can be also, but it can be tricky at times.

If USDX is doing bad, you look Long EG and vis-versa, with added influence with EURX, where as GU doesnt care, and has alot of fake outs and false S/R with stophunts, or better known as liquidity pool sharks.

For trend assumptions, I use a Overlay chart, customized by myself to show all on same chart. Use it for quick reference before making trade.

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Except for just now, lol… Nothing is 100%, remember that.

Maybe eurusd is inclued pair that has gfood aerage movement and also low spread fee, this is good pair I think for scalping trader, but maybe usdjpy also good for scalping on asian session market,

when i started a couple of years back with hotforex it was suggested that eurusd and gbpusd would best suit scalping, though i dont scalp much now a days anyway…

nobody is talking about EUR/JPY my experience with it is that its sweet but quit tricky at times though,with 3pips spread i think its tight enough or what do you think folks?

Major Fx currencies are relevant for doing scalping. On the other hand, volatile trading instruments like Gold, GBP/GPY are not appropriate for scalping trading (it’s my own opinion based on my trading experience and knowledge, nothing else). In my scalping trading I use 15 pips SL with 1:3 profit ratios. Honestly, scalping is the most effective trading style for retail traders.

Respectfully, Jonathan, by no stretch of the imagination is a 15-pip SL and a 45-pip target anything to do with “scalping” at all: scalping means snatching a very few pips, or ticks, with a very tight stop-loss.

Edited to add: all my everyday, routine trading has far smaller SL’s and targets than that, and even I’m nowhere near being a “scalper”.

Welcome to the forum, Gibbytech, but I can assure you that nobody is “scalping” anything with a 3-pip spread!

It really depend on traders as which pair usually suits them best however if my opinion is noted then i better say that EURUSD being a major and popular currency pair is best for trading. Its lowest spread can also be helpful for maximizing profits to scalpers.

Let me get this point, maybe am missing something I hear people talking about scalping a pair with a very tight spread .
But is there any pair that has less than 3-pip spread?..

Like IMI says, try EurUsd, smallest spread available as its the most traded pair

Yes - Cable and EUR/USD for a start, but others, too.

Here’s the [I][U]key point[/U][/I] you need to appreciate, Gibbytech: scalpers are [B][U]not[/U][/B] using counterparty market-makers with wide spread, as their broker.

They obviously wouldn’t want to, and that kind of broker wouldn’t tolerate a successful scalper for long anyway!

A genuine broker is perfectly happy for his clients to scalp [B][U]the market[/U][/B], but a counterparty broker can’t afford for his clients to scalp [B][U]him[/U][/B], can he? It’s all about “Who holds the other side of your trade”.

I sincerely appreciate those points @Lexys. Though the aspect you mentioned of counter party broker got me confused .
What sort of broker can we say fits this description.

Thanks for your swift response.

Pair that has low spread like as eurusd and usdjpy maybe will more preferable for scalping trader, eurusd on daily movement has good average movement while usdjpy also as one pair that sometime having good movement if any trader can trade well on this pair also will profitable for scalping

Ok, let’s see if I can explain this (no promises!) … :8:

Let’s start with a “definition”. There are two kinds of brokers.

First, there are genuine brokers: a “broker” is someone who executes on his client’s behalf a trade in a market to which the client doesn’t himself have access, and in this case this would be the “interbank market”. The broker isn’t in any way involved in the trade’s outcome - he just executes it (technically “executes [U]them[/U]”: the opening and the closing transactions) in exchange for a commission. It makes no difference to his own wallet whether the client wins or loses, but he’s running a business and wants to keep his clients and have them trading, because the more of them there are, and the more transactions they do, the more commissions the broker earns. Key concept: this broker prefers his clients to [B][U]win[/U][/B].

Secondly, there are counterparty market-makers. These people hold the other trade of your trade. You’re not dealing in the interbank market at all, when you use one: you’re trading against them. They hold the other side of your bet. (They also hold all your deposited funds, make up their own prices which may or may not closely replicate interbank prices, add on “spreads”, and make up all the rules governing the transactions as well. They’re not on your side, though they typically pretend to be.) Key concept: this broker prefers his clients to [B][U]lose[/U][/B].

So, how do you know which is which? A genuine broker (such as “Intractive Brokers”) will always have a much higher minimum deposit requirement ($10,000 or so, typically), and will explain clearly on their website that they’re not a counterparty market-maker. I think it’s fair to say that 90%+ of this forum’s members (especially those very near the start of their trading experience) are using counterparty market-makers. Though there are also quite a few of us here who do this for our livings, who are using brokers like “Interactive Brokers”.

And the relevance to scalping …

A counterparty market-maker can’t afford to have a winning scalper on his books, because he’s paying the losses himself. He holds the losing bet, when the client wins. And a scalper can’t afford to use a counterparty market-maker anyway, because the spreads are (by comparison) enormous, and the dealing costs would be bigger than his profits. A three-pip spread would be 100% useless for scalping.

“Scalpers” usually trade in large size (many lots) and go into a trade for seconds or a minute or two, hoping to snatch a pip or two, with a very tight stop-loss, and have a very high win-rate. It’s a whole different world of trading, really. Some institutional traders do it. Some independent (“retail-ish”) traders do it, too - the ones I know who do it successfully are ex-institutional traders, the people who have saved up their annual bonus payments to use as trading capital for their own accounts, and “gone private/independent”.

I’m a “semi-scalper”, myself (at the most: I often aim for 8 pips profit, and that’s not really “scalping” at all).

Have I clarified it, or made it more confusing? :8:

@ Lexys your explanation is clear thanks very much…from your explanation
I can summarize it by saying that non counterparty market brokers are the best for scalpers,but usually requires huge capital to open and an account.
And they are know for their very tight spread unlike a counterparty broker.
And up to 90% of traders has a counterparty Broker as their Broker.

How this applies to me…

My broker definitely falls to the category of a counterparty Broker , because you can open an account with as low as $100 .
And has a minimum spread of 3-pips for Eur/USD Eur/JPY etc.
But I see myself becoming a semi scalper like yourself because . you have to make 3-pips for your broker first before you talk of your profit.
Since I want to minimize risk I all target few pips maybe 6 to 8
I also want to minimize risk by reducing my startup capital to the maximum I can afford to lose according to the rules right?