What is the best time frame for beginners

What time frame best for beginners in forex?


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Right now, the system I’m using requires the 4H chart. :blush: But I also check out the 1D and 1H timeframes. :blush: I feel like it would help you see the bigger picture if you try viewing 2-3 time frames. :blush: So either go multiple timeframes, or maybe a time frame that has the same pace as your personality, if that makes sense? :sweat_smile:


Generally, the shorter time frames are known to require more skill and understanding. You sure want to stay away from scalping early on. The very long time frames will basically be like investing, so you might not be willing to wait that long for making money, though you should be patient non the less. I would suggest day trading at this stage. Reading the asset for a few days and applying some fundamental to it, getting to know TA and merging them both will be a good way to start working that time frame.

I think you’re confusng “daytrading” with “trading from the daily timeframe” there, Charlotte. They’re two very different things. :wink:


Not really, but I guess I could have phrased that better :sweat_smile:

I would say definitely not short timeframes and most probably, not only one time frame! check at least 3 of them. For more information, you should try paper trading to see which time frame suites you better.