What is the best way to learn to trade? What should you expect?

Jordan Peterson - 12 minutes on Learning how to progress in life - successes and setbacks.

A useful way to look at your life and trading - Disregard the title - this is only the last 12 minutes.

Sometimes the simplest tips can help. Therefore, they should not be ignored.

There are several ways and means to learn - the choice is very diversified and it depends on you as a trader how you would like to go about it. My advice would be to read, read and read - articles, posts, visit forums, and watch videos too. You can get some good pieces of advice here and there. Also stay abreast with forex news. Secondly make good use of a demo account at first. You cannot expect to know everything in the beginning, everything is going to take time. So be patient and open to knowledge.

In my opinion the best way to learn traing is do everything by yourself and never use someone’s help. The best learning is the self-education, yall know.
I believe that if you will educate yourself in trading activity with any help you will reach success much faster than those who used a help of other traders. I imply such policy mainly because self-education never can be harmful, it’s always useful. Of course you have to reduce theoretical learning up to 40% and dedicate all the time you have to practicing on demo and then on a real account. Guess that it’s the best way to acquire experience and knowledge.

I always think that it is very wise to go into trading with suitable level of knowledge. You cannot start trading and expect to make profit if you did not pay any attention to how forex trading work.

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You don’t have to be a pro at everything you do. If you are good at one thing, you can still go a long way. Keep it simple because the more complex you make your trading, the more difficult it becomes for you to handle. Find a way that works for you and keep growing.

Learning comes differently to different people. Just because someone is good at reading and has been doing well doesn’t mean that you can do the same and will get the same kind of benefits. You might understand better by watching videos or listening to podcasts. So, you better find your own comfortable way of learning to trade so that you can make some real money.

You definitely need to put the time in to learning forex to ever stand a chance