What is the best website for fundamental / news for trading?

Hi guys!

I have been trading for nearly a year now, yes i’m still new! And I have been and still learning about trading more on the technical side, SNR, SND, Engulfing etc… I want to polish my skills in trading and to do that I believe I have to understanding the fundemental, news first. Do you have any website you could suggest that you think is easy to access and understand?

I really appreciate your help. Thank you!

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Its impressive you want to improve your skills and knowledge as a trader in this way. Just don’t go too far down the “fundamental” road so that it takes over and becomes the driver of your trading. You have to recognise that the big banks and trading firms in forex have far more information and better analysis than we can ever achieve. Although you can’t see their confidential business reports you can see their conclusions - price.

TA is much easier because there are simple rules to follow.

FA is getting into the mindset of the market - this mindset fluctuates with the present ‘news’ - which is right now the debt ceiling in US.

Take e.g yesterday many guys were warning of a short squeeze on stocks today - the mindset was that stocks have been sold off earlier in the week and today (Friday) would be a what they call “fryday” for the shorts - and sure enough the shorts were squeezed.

The mindset here is that the politicians will agree - or not - traders who were short remain losers.

What about TA in all of this?

On the S&P I have a horiz on 4140.70, been there since March '22 - one step up from 4049.60 since May’21

See where the kick off point was today for the short squeeze on a h1

Btw - it’s a mindset - doesn’t mean the politicians will agree.

@Castro…As you begin your journey in trading, it is important to recognize that trading is a serious endeavor that requires diligent effort and commitment.
Trading can be immensely challenging, especially when it comes to comprehending and implementing technical analysis, as it requires a profound understanding of complex concepts such as chart patterns, indicators, and price movements, which cannot be easily grasped through casual observation or watching YouTube videos. Mastering the art of trading is akin to acquiring a four-year degree or more, as it demands extensive knowledge, practical experience, disciplined study, and a continuous commitment to learning and adapting to ever-changing market conditions. Unfortunately, many novice traders underestimate the level of dedication and effort required, mistakenly assuming that trading is an effortless endeavor. However, the reality is that successful trading necessitates a deep understanding of various financial instruments, risk management techniques, psychological factors, and an ability to execute strategies consistently amidst market uncertainties, making it a demanding and multifaceted discipline that requires substantial dedication and continuous skill development to achieve long-term profitability.

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Yeah, I agree with the last two comments. But you know what? You shouldn’t stress yourself out too much. Take it easy, and things tend to work out easily.

Just use the usual TC news, be ready for news called “red news,” and the rest is in the hands of the market. I will not tell you the whole thing is useless, but I think you can earn a lot more by spending time on charts, and well, they are more practical.

I don’t know of anywhere that does proper fundamental analysis online, and I’m not sure you’ll really find one. Fundamental analysis is done by banks etc with huge analysis budgets that look into everything going on in a country to predict what will happen and why. This is very different to the news, which is what lots of people think of as fundamental analysis.

Well they did agree - tentatively.

This is FA in action - guys short assuming no agreement lose even if they were right because of the possibility of agreement - and the soundbites on Friday were that they were talking - and it was a Fryday.

Short squeezes in stocks historically caused by traders who were selling without owning - precarious because they had to buy to cover if even a hint of being wrong.

FA is as much understanding the past as the present.