What is the biggest problem facing America?

What is the biggest problem facing America?

Weak dollar due to QE

A weak dollar isn’t necessarily a bad thing though.

A big flaw with currency is the general public view it as a share price. They assume that the higher the dollar, the stronger the economy becomes.

Yet historically, the exact opposite is always true because currency is the medium of exchange which sits on the opposite side of the scale with tangible assets. Deflation is when assets decline because the currency rises in purchasing power.

Im not an expert but I think you have a point.

A strong dollar is good for the consumer but some countries intentionally inflate their currency to help offset a trade inbalance.

Thats why China hates when the US federal reserve starts pumping money into the economy.

I believe this also creates a bubble because assets rise because of the QE, and when that bubble bursts, markets collapse.

In my opinion the biggest problem is fast food industry.

It’s killing people, animals and the enviroment :confused:

The fast food industry provides the healthcare industry guaranteed customers. :slight_smile:

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haha true :smiley:
seriously tho, less farms and more crops would be great solution imo.

This is 3 years old. My how times do change…