What Is The Broker Side of the FX Industry like?

First off, a disclaimer - I don’t work at a forex brokerage.

I work at TradeProofer, a company committed to improving the FX industry, and helping MT4 traders find the best trade execution & environment. I’m also an editor and analyst at Opes Trading Group and Hammer Capital News.

I do however have the privilege of consulting to some of Australia’s largest forex brokers on Behalf of TradeProofer. One of the most obvious questions you might have is “are forex brokers really out to get you?”

The answer is no, because they don’t need to. Most retail traders typically have the ability to lose their money without any help. So what do successful forex traders do differently? Unlike what you may have been told, most successful forex traders find another way to make money other than technical or fundamental analysis and trading. Some successful traders use complex hedging systems, or arbitrage between futures and spot rates, or profit off the swap payments for certain symbols, but most successful retail clients approach the industry differently.

That said, I’ve been able to meet successful traders of all sorts of trading techniques so far in my career. One take away that I’ve had from the industry is that the success rate of stock / equity traders is far higher. I don’t say any of this to deter you, but to give you ideas of how to profit in an extremely difficult and competitive market.

There are endless ways to succeed, all it takes is work and research to find them :wink:


The Forex Broker side of forex is a very complicated & competitive one.

I disagree with your statement that brokers are not out to get clients as there are many brokers who dont treat there customers fairly & are not transparent with there practices, most notably with withdrawals of profits.

There are however ‘good’ brokers outhere that offer the right environment for trading. @fxbrokersempire we have tested a number of forex brokers, most being unsuccessful in being listed with us due to a number of factors we intensively researched & knowledge gained from the use of these brokerages.

The brokers offered on our site are safe & trustable & we highly recommend opening accounts with them if you are looking to start trading.

PM me if you have any questions about our site & what we offer totally free.

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There are also many sites promoting brokers based upon affiliations rather than the merits of the brokerages. What an industry hey!

What’s 1-2 examples of “complex hedging systems”?

Agree 100%.

Agree 150%. Especially if you’re talking to a retail trader who is versed in the derivatives space, deploying strategies that primarily consist of selling premium.

One example of a hedging system was a strategy that the trader would take initial positions and then take a cross hedge on another market, so that the exposure wasn’t limited to two currencies. Whilst this sounds simple, think of an EA doing this at a high level, with multiple different symbols scalping in and out around their initial position.

Sorry, but what about that is inherently “complex”?

As that is a low brow explanation. The systems a lot of hedgers use are highly complex, however being proprietary systems most don’t go to to the full extent of explaining their system to me. Cheers

Got it. My beef with the industry in general is that those with money (or, even those with the impression of money) seemingly do their best to keep others out, or, dependent on their signal service, by hiding behind walls of “complexity”.

Good luck out there.


Completely agree - from what I’ve seen, people with high performance systems don’t sell them typically. Most EA’s available for purchase tend to be quite simple.

Pleasure hearing your thoughts Jake :slight_smile:

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