What is the different of the seasonal adjustment data and the actual data?

I found out that the actual data in the forex calendar is different with the seasonal adjustment data. May i know what is the different of the seasonal adjustment and the actual data. How does the seasonal adjustment affect the forex market??

Thank you.

You might benefit from reading THIS, THIS, and THIS — for starters.


thank you, worth a look.

Hello 778808,
The seasonal adjustment is a technique in statistics that removes the predictable seasonal patterns. For example, the retail sales pick up each year in the Christmas period because people spend more money to buy gifts for their family and friends. The seasonally adjustment method studies the historical actual data and if there is an average increase of 20% in that period of the year spreads this increase in other months, it adjusts this “extra” sales in order to have a clearer trend.
Hope it helped mate, I tried to explain it through using quick example.