What is the fastest cure for a hangover?

Paul Hogan (Before he was Crocodile Dundee…) “Hangover Cure”

The joys of growing up in a world where everybody laughed and no one was offended…

RIP Strop (John Cornell) He developed Word Series Cricket back in the 80’s…

I’d heard there are countries where you don’t get sent to jail for that but I wasn’t sure whether to believe it.

Your response to my post is a little confusing to me. Could you elaborate?

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Not without running into both censorship and embarrassment. Sorry: I was trying to be funny but it backfired. Excuse me. :blush:

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woow, I was a little concern, it’s all good :+1:

Pretty sure I told a bad joke before, sht happens.

Wow, that’s quite a lineup! :wine_glass: :beers: :cocktail:

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I’m afraid I’m one of those tedious people who in a restaurant won’t order wine until after they’ve ordered food…

I will, but it’s easy for me because I don’t drink red anyway, and if you’re always going to order white, you can order it before deciding what you’re eating, really.

Red wine goes badly with many foods, all wine goes badly with certain foods. But some whites just go better with the right dishes. I almost never drink a fresh sauvignon blanc with anything - nice aperitif but for me it just washes away flavour, sauce, seasoning and character from any dish.

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So I’m told, and I do accept that.

I think I take your point about Sauvignon, just about.

That “Cloudy Bay Sauvignon” is absolutely delicious (but not cheap) and I could drink it all day, but I see that it’s a bit powerful for many types of food. So I do take your point.

The Best is this …i told You i have Lot of experience i AM in My 50s…pancakes with lot of any sweet topping like maple syrup or jam…seriously…cause when you drinks yo lose sugar because the alcohol through your skin and pee is where You Lost so You must recover that sugar to get steady again and works very well

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This is very interesting, and makes sense to me!

I do sometimes feel like I have low blood sugar after a few glasses of wine, and I find that eating some chocolate helps that pretty quickly and reliably.

Take another shut of what you had, and drink a lot of water

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