What is the fastest cure for a hangover?

It’s Sunday, I’m not going anywhere and I am looking forward to a few nice drinks later.

I have some good wines and I like to enjoy them.

In case I don’t feel so good tomorrow morning, maybe some kind soul can suggest something?

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Lol. Take a walk around your yard. You know morning sun is healthy for the body and soul; i don’t think with that you should look weary tomorrow.

And beside, eat good. Don’t drink on an empty stomach.

Some hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration, and water helps those.

Others not so much, and the best over-the-counter treatment in the UK is “Nurofen Plus” which contains more codeine than you can get without a prescription than any other proprietary/brand-name medication (and its other ingredient is harmless, which isn’t the case with stuff like “Solpadeine”).

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Alcohol is poison… that being said… 1 drink of the same drink the next day with a couple ibuprofen. :grinning:

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I always drink around a full meal, but I like a couple of apertifs before the food. Never red wine on an empty stomach though. Once the meal is over, I might have just one more glass of something, but that’s it for me.

I must get some nurofen. I never have any tablets in (I am a true “bloke”).

As per google:
Obviously, the only sure way to avoid a hangover is to not drink alcohol. But if you are going to indulge, Tabakoff says the tried-and-true advice — eat something before you drink, and while you drink, makes good sense. “Food is very good for the purpose of slowing the absorption of alcohol,” he says.

Have fun!


There’s a study that shows drinking water in between alcohols help cure hangover, even though i don’t agree with it. Drinking anything in between alcohols spoil the fun.

There’s this thing i do when taking beers though — Take it slowly, don’t chug.

Occasionally I realise I have drunk so much that I have forgotten to drink some water.

But I usually try to have a pint of tea after I have finished drinking.

I have read many learned doctors who say there is no medical cure for a hangover.

But they could be lying. A hangover is a very effective deterrent against drinking too much - if the doctors admitted there is really a hangover cure, some people might drink more…

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What kind of wine? Merlot? Zinfadel?

A white wine, perhaps? Chardonnay? Sauvignon blanc?

What are you eating, by the way?

Any special occasion? Or just a relaxing evening?


I have a Marlborough New Zealand sauvignon blanc poured now, possibly moving to an Australian chardonnay to follow.

I had a small beer earlier, then a weak mojito.

The meal will be Spanish chicken but I don’t see the highly seasoned tomato stew as a real opportunity for a good wine.

Later, a glass of claret to finish the bottle.

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That’s a helluva mix! haha


I decied the claret was a little heavy for any chicken dish, but I found a bottle of rioja, which seemed more approriate anyway.

Going to buy some Neurofen shortly this morning.

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If you don’t feel great, drink plenty of water before bed and have some painkillers and a hearty breakfast ready for the morning.

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I always try to.

Here is what my artificial friend suggests. I learned nearly 40 years ago about congeners, so stopped drinking red wine. 30 years ago, I stopped binge drinking alcohol. I probably average less than one unit per week, and like non-alcoholic beer. The great thing about not drinking alcohol is it only takes about 30ml of whisky with ice to feel very relaxed. Lucky me!


Ah, Sunday—a day to unwind and savor those delightful wines! :wine_glass: Here’s to enjoying the moment. But, of course, we’ve all been there—the morning after, when the hangover greets us like an unwelcome guest. Fear not! I’ve got you covered with some tried-and-true remedies to ease that post-wine blues:

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:
  • Alcohol dehydrates your body, so start by sipping water. Rehydrate those cells and help your system recover.
  1. Carbs to the Rescue:
  • Alcohol can lower blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling fatigued. Grab some toast or juice to replenish those energy stores.
  1. B Vitamins:
  • B vitamins play a role in alcohol metabolism. Consider taking a B-complex supplement or eating foods rich in B vitamins.
  1. Avoid Dark-Colored Alcohol:
  • Darker drinks (like red wine) contain more congeners, which can worsen hangovers. Opt for lighter-colored options next time.
  1. Skip the Tylenol:
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) can be harsh on your liver when combined with alcohol. Stick to other pain relievers like ibuprofen.
  1. Caffeine Caution:
  • Coffee might seem tempting, but it can dehydrate you further. If you must, go easy on it.
  1. Rest and Sleep:
  • Your body needs time to recover. Curl up, catch some Zs, and let your system reset.

Remember, prevention is the best cure. So, next time you raise that wine glass, do so mindfully. Cheers to enjoying life’s little pleasures!


All good points without a doubt.

Red wine is too enjoyable and too tempting for me to give up completely but I watch my consumption of red more than anything else.

Hadn’t heard of Tylenol before, thanks for this especially.

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Depends on just how much you consume - Try a litre carton of tomato juice with a decent dash of Worcesterchire sauce.

If you feel really bad - a pint of full-fat milk will evacuate your stomach as it curdles in the alcohol and gets rid of the ongoing part of the problem within a few minutes,. :wink:

Then take the Tomato juice part of the cure and you should be up an’ running fine pretty soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Works for me and usually cures my hangover but If my mouth is dry and I’m feeling very dehydrated, I drink a zero sugar pedialyte or kinderlyte and lots of water

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