What is the maximum period of time in which a broker must pay you the money?

Is there a legal maximum period of time that must pass since you perform the withdrawal action and the moment the broker sends you the money (via wire transfer, etc. )?

6 weeks is maximum. any reputable broker has your money on bank wire within 3-5 days. the best eben within 24 hours.

if you didmt get any money after 6 weeks start approaching them and threat them directly with suing them. if they still dont react then sue them unless they are a offshore broker. if theyre a offshore broker and you only waiting for a few hundret bucks all you can do is to start a negative campaign on the internet onbthem to revenge and scare other potential clients off anddamagevtheir business. a legal lawfull pursue in a offshore locantion pays only off (money involved fir lawyer. travelling costs. other costs etc) if its a bigger ammount of money (depending on location 15000 - xxx infinite $)

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I would say that if after 6 weeks a offshore broker did not pay you yet … you could start to forget about your money. With any other well regulated Broker you must open any process against them and they will pay you as soon as possible. However, with offshore brokers I do not think even they care if you start a negative campaign about them on internet…

good luck Edico!

It depends on the options that brokers offer for deposits and withdrawals. Usually each brokers specifies the terms and conditions for these procedures. With the regulated brokers the online withdrawals should take between 24-48 hours and wire withdrawals between 2-10 business days. The location of the broker is important as well. It seems to me that 6 weeks is way too long.

I would say any reputable place that is regulated will give you back your money within 3 business days.

if you are with a reputable broker or a good company with genuine policies, you can expect the payment within 3 business days.

I like brokers who pay my amount within 1 to 2 days . I think their system should be very quick , we should not feel irritate delaying withdraws . Actually people want to enjoy profit instantly so they should pay their amount as they want.

Of course all systems are on just one click then payouts should be very quick as we deposit money instantly withdraw should not be late. One can wait for 1 day to confirm his payments . More delaying is annoying for traders. They want to get their profit in hands as soon as possible.

I’d better ask the support about where is my withdrawal after a week passed

Well if it’s a wire bank transfer withdrawal, I guess a week is normal (but again that depends on the location of the broker and its bank accounts). If more than 7 business days pass, then you should definitely contact them as sometimes the banks require additional documentation in order to track the transfer.

You can work for years with any broker if he is fair he will pays you what you earned through your trading, however you have to act on their conditions or remain active your account for certain time period. then there is no issue he will not pay.

I believe the period of time could be different with different broker. But it is normally less than 24 hours (in working days) if you use an e-currency method like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller. I trade from FCA regulated tickmill and use Neteller. It takes 1-2 hours max for me.

However, if you use bank wire it could take 3-10 working days. But you should not worry about days if your broker is regulated by FCA. The broker must follow their rules. And you can complain if your broker doesn’t pay you. Trusted regulation is more important in payment release.