What is The Meta Exchange?

Hello everyone!

I am interested to code new trading strategies into an expert advisors and to find out how profitable the trading strategies can be!

You can search for me on YouTube, “The Meta Exchange”, to see some of the strategies that I have tested before. I am new to YouTube, we hope that you can kindly Like, Share and Subscribe to my channel!

If you have a trading strategy that you would like me to try code it into an expert advisor, please feel free to write to me! The email address is in the YouTube Channel !

Thank you for your support and I look forward to work on the strategy with you!


I have a good strategy

Hello Sandipan,

That’s great! If you don’t mind, we can discuss about the strategy here and let the community join in to create a good strategy for me to code! Alternatively, you can email me separately.

I am also here to learn good strategy and code it into working Expert advisor.


Anyone using indicators such as RSI, MACD and Stochastic? How would you use it? Is it using the default settings? I have been trying to code expert advisors to test out these strategies using the default settings and see whether it can be optimized.

Feel free to share with me if you have any ways to improve. Maybe i can even try code your idea into an EA.