What is the most significant challenge societies face today?

Dennis, the current trends in US social culture are bewildering to us English - at least I fail to understand what’s going on - and this whole matter might deserve its own thread.

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I am living it, and this is not the country I grew up in, as in my previous post, I see people turning away from God and looking for government and social media to fix their problems, It is all right out of the novel 1984

Pray for us my friend, for if the US goes so does the rest of the world

Back to the question.

What is the most significant challenge societies face today?

people who fail to realize that the world have constantly change since it was created or that the world is constantly changing since their birth, some people are unable to adapt to a constantly changing world.

Fair point. Too many people considering a theme that has a history automatically assume we are at the end-point of that history. Its a mistake that experts in their field make as badly as anyone else.


A different example, but the point is adapting

British had an empire and colonized many countries around the world, good or bad so be it, I’m pretty sure the British empire started seeing changes in those countries and they wanted their freedom, so instead of trying to hold onto power in those countries, the British recognized that it would be easier to give them their freedom while still maintaining a strong interest in those countries. By doing that, England stayed a powerful nation until nowadays.

As a result, the Empire did not fall like Rome

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The world is changing and I am someone who welcome change, I hope in my life time to see us become a Post Scarcity Economy ( kind of like we see in Star Trek) but we are currently moving in the wrong direction with basic needs, fuel for our cars, baby formula, even food, has doubled in price or is not even available. This is taking us in the direction of the economy shown in the movie Hunger Games. The average lifespan of Americans has started to decline, that alone should tell you there is something seriously wrong in America

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I agree with everything you said, until we are in the hunger game, these issues can still be addressed, or if we are in a motion that can’t be fix

Additionally, if you look at a changing world, countries like those in Africa that are slow to change are often the result of internal conflicts, Rwanda is a success story now and a prime example of how internal conflict slowed the process of change.

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Most significant challenge? HUMANS. Once “they” are removed, All will be well. ThE Earth will thrive.


I wonder how lifespan and the mainstreaming of Internet and social media overlap. Is the Internet and social media causing us more harm than good type question.

Sounds like Thanos.


Social media has both good and bad sides. We need to ask if the bad side has affected society more than the good side.

What i would say is that anything that pops up on the scene like cell phones the internet, social media, or let’s say Uber, eBay and Amazon with little resistance and becomes popular is because it was a needed service to the general population, and it cannot be stopped.

You may not see the process of these types of changes until the change occurs, but those you actually see with the human eye are what scare people.

I see a broken healthcare system and unhealthy diet as the main cause, social media may be contributing to mental illness and making the rest of us go mad

Have you notice that most super villains these days want to kill off the human population, can’t we just go back to the days of the mad scientist wanting to take over the world

Yea, I know it first hand. Basically pushes you into poverty if you don’t the money, and then when Medicaid kicks, you spend way too much time waiting… and more waiting… and more waiting.

Mental health fails, you (me) eat. You get unhealthy. And sick. And your mental health fails. Eat some more. Really easy to get stuck in that cycle.

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“What is the most significant challenge societies face today?”

I know, I know

Bicycles, we need to ban them before this guy kills himself and harris becomes president



I agree but not the way you may think, these two words “disinformation and misinformation” have been weaponized by the media both news and social. We saw this with corona virus when real doctors with factual/truthful information saw their content removed and channels banned. When it is the government or those serving the government deciding truth or fiction then we are no better then what is portrayed in the novel 1984

The public is great at calling out Bullsh-t which is why BoobTube stopped listing the number of thumbs down a video has received,

Silencing the voices of the masses is not only a challenge for society but also its death

I believe the question is too general and could have been made more specific. Everyone will have a different answer depending on where they are and all answers could be valid. For example someone in China could say Covid 19 which has terribly disrupted their regular routine while another person currently living in Ukraine could say the war.

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You could start with yourself if you’d like to make a contribution :wink:
Seriously though be part of the solution stop moaning like a young Nietchze

War is a huge stumbling block to human progress and causes immense suffering.
As for Covid it’s the authorities reaction in China that cause more suffering than the disease will ever have on people