What is the right way to start trading?

I am interested in forex trading but lack the time to learn. It’s hard to juggle between my 9-5 job and trading. Also, I don’t want to quit my job because that at least ensures me a paycheck every month. Moreover, I don’t have enough experience to trade on my own.

I have heard about forex signals, copy trading and account managers. Do you guys have any experience and can suggest whether this is the right way to go or not?

If you lack the time to learn then fx trading might not be for you. There is no other way to do this but to first learn the basics. After that there will still be a long way to go. If you’re open to learning, you can start out with the many free resources you will find online.

How will you know which signals, trades to copy, and account managers are ok? A lot of the reviews you will find are most likely by the groups offering the services themselves. Be careful out there. There are a lot of scammers who will promise you everything just to get your money.

Nobody got rich by handing all their business / financial decisions to other people.

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Stick with your job.

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Signals are crap and won’t help you learn how to trade and in my opinion won’t make you money long term. You can learn to trade around your job. It’s the same as people that say they can’t find time to exercise. Make time if you want it enough. You don’t need to be looking at charts all day to learn. Set yourself an hour a day to study and find a time frame that allows you trade in the same time slot as well.

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Hello, my first suggestion is to never trust anyone else with your money. My second suggestion is to obtain more experience from a proven trader. As in demonstrates the strategy works in a live environment. Not luxury social media posts and a price action system. Stay well away from them unless they prove beyond doubt what they teach works. (newsflash none of the price action educators prove their strategy works in a live environment) they will claim forecasts, after casts, tell you when they got in to a trade and out again but wont tell you ‘at the time’ so its time sensitive so you will know they are lying, like most trading educators do and traders alike.

Swing trading can be learned and be traded successfully whilst working a 9-5 that’s your best bet and highest odds of obtaining a surplus income and not being ripped off!

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Where there is a will, there is a way.

You will have to create a schedule where you find the time to read and analyse the market. Without gaining a proper overview, you won’t be able to survive in the market longer. So, learning is a must. Also, don’t quit your job until you have gained a consistent income of profit.