What is the US currency expectation after Joe Biden take over US?

Hi all… I would like to know your expectation for US market after Joe Biden take over US? It is the correct time to trade money on US market?

As long as there is price movement and this is not driven by tweets or events leading to unexpected news, its always a good time to trade.

In the coming days until the Inauguration is over and done with, there might be some volatility that does not strictly follow chart TA - civil unrest, impeachment news, voting allegations etc., so this is higher risk than usual.

Long-term Biden is expected to continue pouring new public money into the economy, leading to risk-on speculation and asset purchases - the stock market will rise, as will AUD, while the USD may continue to fall. But all this will be visible in the charts as it happens, no need to do anything urgently right now.

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There are numerous contradictions about whether the position of the US Dollar strengthens or weakens. However, a common notion or majority of votes goes in the favor of the former. The US Dollar as many say will remain to be the ‘safe haven’ as a trading instrument.

I personally don’t think that Biden becoming the president has affected the dollar. The price movements are completely based on supply and demand and it has nothing to do with his presidency. If someone is getting into the market, they must learn supply and demand well.

The issue will come if/when Biden becomes too ill to perform his presidential functions and has to step aside for a week, which becomes a month, which becomes six, which becomes permanent. He’s relatively moderate but the people “behind the throne” include hard-line socialists with communistic sympathies. Expect the USD to drop hard if he’s away from the Oval Office desk more than 2 weeks.

According to a CNBC report, a return to traditional trade diplomacy is to be expected under Biden’s rule. The Biden administration will focus on rehabilitating and strengthening relationships with allies around the world. And part of it will be normalising trading relationships in several different ways. There will be more diplomatic pressure and fewer tariffs from the Biden administration than what we’ve seen over the last four years.

Biden may focus on reform of the World Trade Organization and a coordinated effort to address China’s trade practices. The approach is uncertain as, on the one hand, a stronger dollar is a signal of market confidence in the United States, but on the other hand, a stronger dollar also means a headwind for trade. So, it is better to wait and see how everything pans out.

You can surely keep an eye on the market movements and follow the news. As far as trading goes, you can trade literally anytime.