What is you favorite pair to trade?


What is your favorite pair to trade, the one where you feel the most confident?

In my case, my favorite pair to trade is GBPJPY, is the one where I have made the most money.

What about you? is there any pair that you prefer above others?

which pair is more appropriate it depends on your trading knowledge and strategies , if you love doing scalping should choose the pair which has most lowest trading spreads.

we traders always focus on major all pairs , but not at the same time, trading many pair at the same time always make us volatile.

success on scalping not depends on trading pair , depend on just experience of trading , it causes a great risk , so need a rich knowledge
to bring profit with successfully.

GBP/JPY for me too, at least lately. I used to trade EUR/USD a lot as a newbie but not nearly as much in recent years.

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Still i am on trading GBP/JPY

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