What is your Bitcoin price prediction for 2019

Hey guys! Just wanted to have some fun and share ideas on how much Bitcoin will cost by the end of the year and why.

I personally think that it will at least come close to the ATH because there is some shady pumping going on by the whales.

What is your take?

What is ALH? :open_mouth:

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Oh, so sorry, I mistyped. Was supposed to be ATH ( All Time High )

Oh okay! I thought there was a new crypto term :joy:

I hope you’re right though! Personally I’ll be happy with maybe just $15k. :sweat_smile:

I really believe $15k is a conservative target! To the moon :full_moon: :smile:

I believe that you need to buy bitcoin since the credit cycle is turning, and inflation grows all over the world. Traditionally, at the time of inflationary expectations, people were holding gold. Nowadays, Bitcoin becomes an alternative asset because it is not subject to inflation. Bitcoin, like gold, is limited in quantity but does not such disadvantages as storage and liquidity. Therefore, I am sure that the price will steadily increase in 2019-2020. I predict that the price will be around 17 000 $ until the end of this year.

Stochastic crossover over 80% indicate that it would be risky to buy. July, August & Sept candle show that market is trading inside range of June candle. As there were also no new High being made, bullish momentum has come to a halt. Support would be 7000 price level. The low of june candle. Not a good time to invest in BTC IMHO. Notwithstanding, it may still be possible to scalp BTCUSD on an intraday basis.

In the eng of this year crypto price will be $14K for sure.

Thinking that it might just reach $10k by the end of the year, 12k if we’re lucky.

Hopefully 12k within the next month then 15 before the year ends!

My prediction is also $13k to $15k.

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