What is your definition for success in life? Is it just getting lost in the rat race or something else?

I know each one of us will have different goals and bucket lists. And our definition of success will depend on them. But still what is your definition of success in life?


Personally “Ability to AFFORD what I want, when I want. Having a Choice. To be in a state of lifestyle where doing things not because I have to but because I want to”


At the end of each day, If I can lookback with no regrets, I consider it’s a very successful day. but I still have no idea how to define “In Life”, but One day at a time is also enough. So far most days I can loockback with satisfaction. So for now, it’s good.

You haven’t mentioned your definition. May we know what it is?


Being happy, alive and healthy.


To me, success in life means getting used to the truth, that the world does not owe me a living.
Life is NOT about amassing more money than I can spend in my remaining years, and to that end, understanding what is “enough.”

Supreme above all of this, is the search for meaning, and understanding my origin and destination.
Because regardless of whether we are one-percenter like Bill Gates, or a man picking over the piles of refuse dumped by society, it is certain we shall take nothing with us when we leave.

It is no longer popular to state that one believes in God, or “a god.”
But I stand apart from that popular eclectic ideation.
There most certainly IS a God, and He oversees our lives and calls us to find him, through seeking.
Jesus said: “You cannot love God and money.”

So what are we to do, since in this world we must have money to manage our lives and family life?
Trading is unlikely to deliver that, in my view, since I have been attempting to succeed at it since 2005.

My conclusion is that if we have learned that satisfaction in life comes from helping others, having compassion for others, and putting in our best effort for our boss, and for those who depend on us, then we can class that as the pinacle.

Having lots of money brings problems of its own: collapse of property markets, economic collapse, theft of money and assets, destruction by natural disasters, inflation etc are things the wealthy worry about, but which the poor shrug off.

St Paul wrote: “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.”

Some of us have seen this before.
For the rest of us, it may be a grounding experience to see where you are on the world scale of wealth.


When I was a little kid I always thought it would be nice to live in a place like the places we used to go on holiday. And now I do…


For me, success is having a home where I want to live, and having great health insurance.

I’ve been to terrible dentists and great dentists. Insurance makes a big difference.


My definition of success is pretty similar to yours😊It’s the Latin expression ‘Carpe Diem’. You can see it in my profile pic too. We may never know what will happen tomorrow. So it is about doing your best today and living in the moment. Basically seize the day. And when we are able to do that every day throughout our life, then we can call it a success.

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That’s perfect indeed :blush: After all it’s what we need to keep going in life without any burden.

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Being healthy and happy is surely a success and perhaps much more than success. Because many people who are considered successful based on status and material possession lack these aspects in life. They are either unhappy or unhealthy which stops them truly enjoying their life. So I totally agree with your definition of success in life :blush:

Thank you for sharing your views and using the calculator was surely a grounding experience for me as well :sweat_smile: But I disagree with you on the point that poor are not worried about inflation and natural disasters. They may be unaware but the inflation surely affects them the most in a way. And the rich can still afford to deal with the damage of natural disasters while the poor will be losing whatever little they have. For them, success is all about survival as they don’t have the luxury to look for deeper meaning or purpose in life. But something we can learn from them is finding happiness from little things in life which we tend to overlook most of the time

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Wow, congratulations for attaining your goal and I am glad you have found your success in life😊

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Having a home of your own gives a sense of security. So it’s surely a success. And yes, having access to quality healthcare is one of the basic needs. Health Insurance definitely makes a huge difference :blush:


Thanks very much. I’m happy with what I’ve done. I want to be happy with the things I haven’t done yet also. Onwards and upwards.


I should have been clearer about my definition of “poor.”
These are the people who rarely see physical money.
They grow food and trade it between themselves.
In the African people I know, often they don’t get anything back from the ones they gift the food to.

When I entered the annual income for my friends in Gambia, the calculator could not calculate where they are in this hierarchy, because “they are below the global median.”
About 2 billion people do not get enough money annually to even fit on this scale.
We have no concept of this kind of poverty of course, because we have not lived it.
But I accept your views on this - they are also valid observations.

When you don’t get enough money in you wages, you don’t get your food from the shops.
So you have no idea what inflation is doing.
When you grow youyr own food, inflation doesn’t come into the picture.

One of the situations my Gambian friends frequently face, is that they are not paid their wages.
The person hiring them says "I don’t have the money with me today, I will pay you when my friend in Senegal gets here next week.

Of course that’s a fib.
There is NO friend coming from Senegal.
This is how they avoid paying, and the police are too weak to get involved.
i tell my frineds not to work unless they are promised the money for each day, and to get half of the day’s pay at noon, and the other half in the evening. If they do not get paid at noon, they are better to go home.

The working day is from daylight to dark - from 6am to 7.30pm.
They don’t think that’s harsh. That’s life in Gambia fro subsistence living.


Success is when having snaked the kitchen pipe, the sink drains freely. I keep this success to myself with no urge to parade it around town :wink:


Well, stop pouring cooking oil down there! haha

This is an eye opener. It’s easy to forget about the people living in 3rd world countries. In those countries, it’s a lot harder to move up the economic ladder. In 1st world countries, if you can bake cookies and have an internet connection, you can sell your cookies to the world and make a living.

But 1st world countries have an infrastructure 3rd world countries lack. We have stable utilities (heat, electricity, water), and dependable shipping services. In parts of Gambia, I imagine that the local shipping might be a dude on his scooter. You can’t run a global business like that. There are many places that they lose internet if it’s raining. Other places lose electricity.

Competing on a global scale while dealing with simple things as reliable utilities is a real problem.

I’m really grateful to be in the US.


Same here. Wishing you all the best for future as well :blush:

OMG and I had no clue there are people who still don’t have access to money. Thank you for sharing it. I really hope that their living conditions will improve over time.

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You made me think of success in a new light😂 But on a serious note, this could be a major problem if the mission fails😬