What is your favorite Alt-Coins?

With all the new alt-coins out there, I was wondering what’s your favorite and why?

I do have Digibyte, Monero and Litecoin. My favorite is Digibyte. It doesn’t have much ups and downs compared to my other coins. It looks very solid, imo.

EOS, ADA and ETN probably.

Here’s mine:


For the privacy coins I like: XMR, PIVX, and DGB

My reason is the same for all of them, simply put, I believe that these are the ones that will grow. I also like that they are not hyped so much but grow because they have solid projects.

I’m still a big fan of LTC and ETH. In the end I feel like only 2-5 cryptocurrencies will survive and I’m betting on either or both of these two!

Do any of you guys mine?

I waited for LTC below 100 after its ATH to add some more but it didn’t happen hehe so I just have a little. I also like LTC but I’m quite torn. I wonder what would happen to LTC with BTC Lightning Network in effect. Then I also just read the article below:

I remember reading over and then speculating on EOS at around $1, mid year last year. I had dreams of exploiting their Token Distribution before price started skyrocketing. I had this bulletproof plan that only actually worked in my head and not in reality.

Well, from $9 to almost $15 in about a week. The craziness is back!

Outside of my big four (BTC, XRP, LTC and ETH), I’m interested in XLM, ADA and BAT.


Yay! Now I know where you got your nickname @CoinLady! :joy:

Hi @Iloveforex1981! What do you like about those coins? :slight_smile:

Nope, because I can’t afford to buy those expensive equipments. :money_mouth: I’ve read in another thread that @CoinLady have mining rigs. :slight_smile:

Interesting! What’s the average cost for transferring that amount of money? and wow it only took 150 seconds to clear. :thinking:

Well ETN I got in at the ICO stage and has been a fav ever since.
EOS and ADA are my biggest holds as I believe very much in the projects.

There’s more. I also have XRP, XLM, and QTUM but I think I’ve lost my faith in these coins. Then I also have BNB but only because I need it for Binance. :joy:

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EOS up 15% in the last day! BNB looks interesting. Binance, as a whole, is doing a lot of interesting things these days, like announcing their decentralized exchange to work along side their existing exchange. Really interested to see where BNB goes.

BDXcoin imo

BDXcoin which is considered a ‘coin of coins’, an ecosystem where partnerships are formed with companies who want to launch their own ICO and are offered a White label. Resulting in the other ICOs funneling into BDXcoin. As a BDX holder you also receive ‘Dividends/benefits’ from the other ICOs.

Currently at pre-ICO stage, tokens are available at 20 cents.

Is there anyone out here whose favorite altcoin is Ethereum?