What is your opinion about Dux Forex trading signals in 2020?

I just want to start the 5dollar/month trial but I would like first to hear some impressions from other dux forex users and not only…, what do you say?

I have never heard of them. Therefore I’d call BS. Wont be consistently profitable.

I have never heard about them, but others can guide you about it if they used them.

I have seen few topics about them here on babypips, but the last post was in 2018, things maybe changed in 2 years

Yea I will wait for more respones maybe with profit confirmation if it is possible… Ty for the response anyways

They are good. Ive been a long time member of theirs although I was out of trading for a couple of years, I got back around 7 months ago and they have improved a lot. As surprising as it sounds, they are actually the cheapest service with better performance than the rest.