What is your trading style

What are the key factors that a trader should consider when developing a unique trading style that aligns with their personal traits, goals, and resources?

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You’re in luck. Lots of things to consider in this lesson and the lessons that follow.

I think for most new traders, the available time component will help dictate the trading style (e.g. scalp, swing, discretionary)

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I believe that, in a bit of a natural way, you will be drawn to the style that your personality prefers. Let’s say you are an impatient person by nature. Surely you will be more drawn to methods like scalping that don’t require long-term patience. This, in conjunction with your risk management preferences, the level of your knowledge, the time you can dedicate, and the amount of capital at your disposal are, in my opinion, the most important things that help shape your trading style.

I prefer day trading and swing trading. Holding trades is what I prefer and waiting for the perfect set up.

I trade intraday on M15-H1 timeframes. It allows me to earn money almost every day and withdraw profits every day.