What kind of chair are you using?

Kind of trading-related since trading does involve a lot of hours spent sitting on our bums. But what kind of chair are you currently using and is it supporting this very sedentary lifestyle? Looking for a good office/trading chair!

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hahahha .now that’s an interesting thread and i believe its gonna be fun hearing from all

I work from home full time and bought myself a Herman Millar Aeron Remastered as an investment in my back health and posture. A pricey acquisition but one I am happy with.

It is a funny question.

I use a regular office chair with a nice supportive back.

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Holy crap. That’s the dream chair right there. I’m looking at getting one of those gaming chairs but maybe this one will be better.

You think it is until you realize you spend half of your day sitting on it. Why wouldn’t you spend a decent amount of $$ to be comfortable? I mean if you can afford it why not!

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It’s decent and I think well worth the money. It’s a chair that shouldn’t need replacing for well over a decade. The gaming versions look cool but not sure what more they add other than colours and more money. There is a reason these chairs haven’t been fundamentally changed much for years now so doubt slapping the word “gaming” next to it would give them cause to change much apart from aesthetic design in the form of superficial logos etc.

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At my job they were renovating the building and threw away a bunch of desks and chairs. Just a basic office chair with wheels.

It was going in the garbage, and I asked security if I could take it. They said it was ok.

It’s basic. But that’s all I need.

I had no idea that there were special brand names for that sort of thing. I mean, it makes sense though.

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Agreed. How long have you had yours?

That works too. As long as you’re comfortable in it!

Yup, did you see the prices? :open_mouth:

Bought it back in March so still fairly new.

No, but I can certainly imagine, haha. :smiley: