What leverage is best for a beginner?

What do you think is the best leverage to use for a beginner?

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1:1 or zero leverage. Beginners should learn to trade first before levering up.

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I had a more experienced trader tell me when I was very excited to trade big to set my leverage at the most to 20 to 1 and maybe I’d still have an account after I learned some painful lessons and that is exactly how it went. Had I of used max leverage my account would have been blown before I even knew what happened.

Using lower leverage allowed me to learn and still be able to recover my losses after changing my approach. Would have been best to have used NO leverage in the beginning though.

Leverage is a tool which can help a trader to borrow funds in the time of needs. A forex trader can take advantages from levered funds if he has short of capital in his hands. And thereby it is important for the traders to work with a broker that can provide good leverage facilities to them in the moments of needs. But yes, for the beginners it may be good not to work with levered funds since with leverage risks are associated.

Beginners or experience traders; whatever it is; small trading leverage is always useful; the parameter wouldn’t be more than 1:100.

i think, high leverage involves, high risks, so its better for beginners to go slow. if you are a daredevil, then way to go.

what leverage is best and suitable for avoiding risk , its not an easy question to answer , i always try to manage my risk when using leverage but cant avoid risk.