What music do you like to listen to while trading?

Hello everyone, this is my first theme and it seems good that BabyPips has the category the Lobby and share a variety of topics.
Well, it’s simple, what music do you like to listen to while trading? If you hear any clear.
Everyone has their little things and others prefer to be silent.

I’m sure someone will like it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I prefer quiet when I trade.
I do listen to plenty of music otherwise and from all sorts of genres.


That is a nice song.

I usually analyze the market in 5 minutes so I don’t take that long in front of the charts.

But music can be a good way to celebrate those good trades too!


i mostly listen to jazz while trading, keeps my head calm.


I found blued to suit my trading feel or emotion if you will .
I find the slow relaxed vibes of BB King or Eric Clapton keeps me grounded and trading on a level head .

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This thread died long ago, but I’m posting here anyway…

I like upbeat music. Stuff in different languages, too. Disco, funk, rock, reggae…

Which is soothing to ears.

Weirdly, I enjoying listening to game OST like

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Usually trade without music, but I’ll surely try these ones in my free time :slight_smile:

Me too. But if I were scalping, it would be Two Tribes (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) - 50 seconds in Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes (ZTIS 119) - YouTube

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I’ll surely check that one. Thanks!

This in a band called Oum.

I was stuck on this song for a while.

lofi on youtube. Always.11

That was a joy to watch, thank you!

I go all instrumental while trading. Find it soothing for my nerves and helps me concentrate better.

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I think instrumental is better than music that has vocals, since one tends to listen to the vocals and get distracted away from the trading.

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Usually a bit of chill hop of synth wave.

Seems cool, just listened to it!

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Hahaha that’s true! I have to hit pause sometimes so I can think!

That happened to me too, and that was when I switched to instrumental music altogether if I do listen to music.

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