What percentage of profit is good?

I have been failure to maintain average profit every single per month and sometimes I also became able to maintain 2-3% profit a month. What’s your point of view in this regard?

Don’t get too obsessed with relative performance figures like these. The important thing is how these relate to how you are running your strategy. Are these figures the absolute best limit you can reach or are you missing multiple opportunities?


What one can earn is also dependent on what opportunities the markets offer us. It depends on your style. If you trade trends and there are no trends in the month then the result will be low. If you are a contrarian trader in a consolidating month then you may do very well. If you are a very short term trader e.g. scalping then maybe you can expect more regular earnings.

Trading is a journey filled with ups and downs. Your ability to consistently achieve a 2-3% monthly profit is a commendable feat and suggests you’re on the right track.

Trading is tough, and fluctuations are normal. It’s all part of the game. Keep learning, tweaking your strategies, and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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If you could make 20% per annum you are doing very well. And in which case you could be able to trade from a prop firm. Try LUX, they offer large live accounts, minimum $25K - max $10 million, once you’ve passed their demo tests.

Why LUX? They set no time limit. Their live accounts are indeed live, unlike some other prop firms who .only offer demo accounts throughout.

Best of luck.


If you think the strategy or the way you are trading is giving you consistent losses, try to change your strategy.

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This depends on your trading style and system.

Day Trader

Swing Trader

Position Trader


Aggressive Trader

Don’t money managers in the US average like 9-10% PER year or something like that? If you’re getting 2% every month, that’s awesome! That’s over 25% for the year I think.

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