What Platform Would You Prefer To Use For RECEIVING Signals?

As the question in the title asks, I’d like your personal opinion on how you would like to receive signals, (given there are good providers, but this topic isn’t about that).

So moving forward, would you prefer receiving alerts via:

  • Text message on your phone
  • Email
  • Platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, FB etc
  • Forum
  • (EA)
  • Others
  • Or a mix of a couple of options?

I’d really appreciate the honest feedback.

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Hmm. Are you planning to become a signals provider? :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile: Well, to answer your question, I would prefer to receive signals through texts on my phone. :open_mouth: But I understand that could be a bit difficult since I live in Southeast Asia and there might be expensive charges. :open_mouth:

My brain.



If I were interested in signals, then I would want them sent via telegram or whatsapp I guess. It’s accessible to everyone that way also,

The main disadvantage of all methods listed above is that they require the possibility to place an order while most of the traders using trading signals could be outside of their trading workplace most of the time. In such case, they will miss trades just because they have no access to the trading platform.
To my mind, it would be better to use a solution that directly transform signals into ordres. For example, you can check Forex Copier and its Remote version in particular. It offers the possibility to recieve signals amending them according to the account size and risk settings. Actually, it requires both provider and reciever parts installed, but I think it is not a problem.
At the same time, providing signals via channels mentioned above, in the form of text messages, gives additional flexibility, because it is possible to evaluate the situation and either to follow a particular signal or just ignore it. But keep in mind that using such approach may lead to missing both losing and winning signals, so the win rate of the strategy may change. That is why it would be better to execute trades upon all the signals from the provider if you trust him (otherwise you should not use his signals at all).

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I appreciate your detailed answer. However, I have to say that the individual should be very, VERY careful with autotraders. In the US it is not allowed to sell automated programs, especially if you’re not registered as a CTA, but even then it is very risky. The CFTC will be knocking on your door very quickly.

Cool, would you prefer more of a signal approach (where to buy and sell) or an analysis type of service (where price will most likely go to in a week)?

Cool, thx. Would you prefer more of a signal approach (where to buy and sell) or an analysis type of service (where price will most likely go to in a week)?

Actually I am looking for ways to start selling a service, so I am doing my homework now :slight_smile:

I honestly rather take trades based on my own analysis, I rather be wrong than a robot/EA

That’s good, and I wouldn’t want you to rely on any other analysis if you have time to study on your own. However, not everybody has time to study, others would like to use 3rd party analysis as a “confirmation”.

With that said, this is not about if you would use signals, more so HOW you would like to receive them IF you’d decide to use them.

I am not using trading signals and I was never interested to use any of them. I just dont believe that there could be profitable signal provider on a long run. I believe more in my own trading strategy and my capabilities and skills

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I’ve used signals a few times and it helped me to understand that I’m not bad in building my own strategies. (They are even more effective now) What about signal itself - it’s a great tool for newbies when you receive it via emails or different platforms.