What should be taken into account when providing trading software for clients?

It is very obvious that MT4 and MT5 still dominate the market, but many brokers still provide alternatives. Will a broker recommend trading software to clients? Or should a broker only use MT4/5 instead of acquiring other products to lower cost?

I think it is what you get used to. I personally do not like MT4. I very much liked the MF Global app but they went bankrupt 3 days after I closed an account with them. It’s the same for Crypto exchanges. I like Bittrex (my first crypto exhange / broker and I still use them), I don’t really like Crypto.com (mobile app only) or my offline wallet account. I’ve just opened a Hugo’s Way account for Forex, to use their demo account for some back test work, and to try to get used to MT4 again (after a 5 year break from trading frequently). I only had one broker account back in 2015 last time I traded, but this time around, I will use 2 or 3 for Forex, maintaining separate accounts for different trading styles

Wow that’s some insane timing right there.

You can either call it lucky, or the rewards from sticking to a plan. I recovered about £3.5K with that decision to stick to the plan, to the day.