What should I do _ help

Okay So I shorted Us soybeans at 990 and it sky rocketed, Atm the loses = all the profit I made and I was curious what should I do? I don’t understand what hedging is really.

Well, you could start by posting this in another forum that pertains to commodities.

This is a Currency traders forum,

Good luck with that,

What was your stop-loss, on entering the trade?

What was the price-level you had in mind as the answer to the always-essential question “At what price-level would my reason for entering this trade no longer be valid”?

Welcome to the forum. We do also discuss commodity trades, here. They belong here: [B]301 Moved Permanently

Just put a stop loss and try to learn on your mistake. You should of think about putting stop loss when you enter the trade. If you don’t understand hedging than is better not to do it because it can cost you lot more than you are losing now.

If we want to make use of the Stop losses in our trading then it can be easily done but for doing that we have to first focus on selecting the correct trading levels…