What should i do next?

After reading the babypipsschool what should i do next to learn to trade properly?

I need your help

  1. Are you comfortable doing technical analysis?

  2. Have you constructed a trading system tailored to your personality, liquidity, risk tolerance, and available trading time?

  3. Have you selected a broker and tested your trading system via four months of paper trading?

Have you bought and read the most recent edition of Kathy’s book?

Whet to get this book?

Hi, nikolasinful and welcome to the forum! My advice is to not only read the Babypips school but to review it several times and open a demo account. That way you could practice while studying in the school. You could read some books, watch videos and free webinars but I think that the most important step is to choose the right broker for you and start trading on demo account. You need to be persistent and not to give up if things don’t start smoothly. In this forum you can find answers to all kinds of questions which you might have as a newbie so make sure to use it all the time. Good luck :slight_smile:

If you mean “where,” I ordered my copy from Amazon.

If you mean “when,” I’d say as soon as possible.

If you mean “wet” then I’d say no. The pages will get soggy.

Haha that a good one. Sorry for my typo error.i always have error.it where to get the book.ok got the ans. Lol

Well you should visit some webinars for newbies and then you’ll be ready for a demo.

After baby pip school your next step should be practice on demo account. It is best platform where you can apply your knowledge and make changes what you know or not know. Trading will teach you many things that are not clear by just learning.

Great job indeed; now you have to practice your demo with your technical and fundamental knowledge; try to judge your trading skill after making 500 trades! Besides, you have to learn more market context! You can also use others popular forums like FPA, ForexFactory, EarnForex etc!

Get various books that can educate your further about technical and/or fundamental analysis, whichever you prefer. But most importantly, open a demo account and practice, practice, practice.