What site do you use to know the EST time of the session

what site does u use to know the est trading sessions … pls suggest me the best url so that i can set my watch

This page gives you the normal business hours in 5 major forex markets: Frankfurt, London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo.

Forex Market Hours - Forex Market Time Converter

Just enter “America/New York” in the box, in order to set the times to EST.

Note that these times are based on normal business hours of 8am-4pm local time in each market. In my opinion, the closing time should be 5pm, rather than 4pm. If you agree with me, simply add one hour to each of the “closing” times shown.

you are very helpful friend thanks to you… can i use the Asia/Manila here thats my timezone??

Yes, of course. If you are in the Philippine time zone, then using the “Asia/Manila” setting will give you the opening and closing times for 5 major forex markets in your (Philippine) time zone.

In your original post, I thought that you were asking about the EST (New York) time zone.