What skills can come in handy for a trader, far apart analysis

as a trader, far apart trading, what other skills do you think can be useful? I would say meditation.

If emotional management counts I would say that.

The only way to manage emotions is to develop a ZEN mindset. Then manage the risk exposure.

You are totally right, but i mean something that can be learnt, like as accounting, programming or any other thing that can make a good dual with trading

Being able to manage emotions, handle losses, stay focused during drawdowns, and maintain discipline are essential aspects for success.

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Trading can be highly stressful and emotionally charged. Having a good understanding of your emotions, and being able to manage them effectively, is vital. This can help you remain calm under pressure and make more rational decisions.
  2. Risk Management: Understanding and implementing good risk management practices is crucial. This includes knowing how much to invest in each trade, setting stop losses, and understanding the risk/reward ratio.
  3. Financial Analysis: Though it might be obvious, a deeper understanding of financial markets and how to analyse them can lead to better trading decisions. This includes both fundamental and technical analysis.
  4. Programming: Automation and algorithmic trading are becoming more prevalent. Having some knowledge of programming languages such as Python or R can be beneficial.
  5. Stress Management: Trading can be stressful, and stress can lead to poor decision-making. Developing good stress management techniques, like regular exercise or mindfulness, can help.
  6. Time Management: As a trader, especially if you’re trading in different markets, it’s essential to manage your time well. Knowing when to trade and when to step back and analyse the markets is crucial.
  7. Continual Learning: The markets are constantly changing, and so should your strategies. Having a mindset of continual learning and adaptation is beneficial.
  8. Networking: Building a strong network with other traders can provide new perspectives, insights, and strategies that you might not have thought of yourself.
  9. Patience: Trading requires a lot of patience. Sometimes, the best action is no action. Practicing patience can help prevent rash decisions and improve overall trading results.

All are good opinions and I think the patience is crucial. Truly sometimes the best action is no action.

that is exactly why I want to learn a new skill lol. when I have an open trade, and I have to be patient, this is really hard for me to do nothing! I wanna entertain myself.

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You can set price alerts or notifications on your trading platform, instead of constantly monitoring the trade. It can be helpful.