What spread does your broker offer

LOL butterbeans! we have the same broker. O; Where are you from btw?

i get anywhere from 0.5 pips to -738.221 pips

Hey hey! I am from china. You? ^^

I’m from the US. :slight_smile: Lol hi butterbeans.

My fxbook has a huge list to compare broker spread in real time here Spreads | Myfxbook, don’t forget to tick on the commission as well to get a better idea of the real pip cost.
You can also click on a pair on the line of a broker in that list to see their average spread for that pair at different time of the day, as well as see what broker has better spread than this broker on that particular pair if there is one.

No point checking it during the week end though since all they show is the spread the brokers had, the instant before market close which is usually huge.

The good thing is that my broker MAYZUS offer both Market maker as well as ECN Trading based on Currenex platforms.

And i always have the liberty to trade as i like depending on my requirements :slight_smile:

There is an indicator for MT5 that compares the historical spreads of several brokers at once on one chart. You can compare spreads, for example, in the Asian session for the best scalping.