What spread does your broker offer

…on your favorite pair to trade?

Hello friend, It is not advertisement(because advertise is not support this babypips rule which is great learning forum for me) which I can see on my broker forex-metal which offer their client ECN accounts with low spreads. It is not false, you can try himself.

Trader’s Way offers me a 0.3 pip spread on some of the majors but often the EUR/USD goes all the way down to 0.1…
FXCM kinda does provide me with a tight spread but not so much for the last 3 weeks…

dukascopy offers me 0,6-0,8 for eurusd…but sometimes its even 5 pips !!!

IFC Markets offers 1.8 pips for EURUSD, EURGBP and USDJPY.

Thanks for your responses.

and the purpose of this thread?

You seemed to have forgotten to say your broker and favorite pairs spread!

The purpose is to see what other members in their forum like to trade and what spread they get.

My broker hotforex is offering super-tight spreads with 0.2-0.4 for EUR/USD and the spreads in other pairs are good also.

Do these numbers represent real spreads (viewed in the trading platform) or they are just placed on the broker’s web-site?
If they’re real, I’m more than intrigued.

im not sure if these are currenex hihi but i trade with hotforex, UERUSD usually is betweent 1.4-1.6 at times it widens which is a given during fast movements or low liquidity I guess :slight_smile:

On EUR/USD, my broker OANDA charges 1.2. Compare this to FXCM or forex.com which are > 2. I actually get offered this spread most of the time. (i.e not before big news events)

Hi ForexWiseGuy,

You might be interested to know that FXCM recently introduced new spreads that are 1 pip lower for the most popular currency pairs.


A spread comparison for major brokers on the major pairs - Forex broker spread comparisons | Forex Wise Guy

Hi ForexWiseGuy,

It’s important when looking at spreads to compare similar execution types. Here’s an example from the spread table on Forex Factory comparing several brokers on dealing desk execution.


ForexBrokerInc offers spread as low as 1 pip on eur/usd

that is true, some of them are publishing in their trading conditions only one half of the commission and write that it’s the commission per side, or do not write anything and hide this fact somewhere in the Client Agreement. I use Profiforex and the commission is 0.3 pips for the whole deal, as far as I can see, there are no hidden charges.

I use MahiFX. The EURUSD pair typically has a spread of 0.8 in prime times. They act as their own market maker to reduce their spreads- very good for scalping.

I wouldn’t trade with a market maker especially one regulated in NZ. Best to use an ecn broker. Lmax spreads EUR/USD is 0.6 and USD/JPY 0.25, nearing the end of the european session at the moment.

the average EUR/USD spread for Profiforex is 0.7, they’re my current broker. their GBP/USD spread is 0.9. I’m concentrating on those pairs for now.