What time clock does Baby Pips use

I am new here and like using the currency strength meter. However, while it is obvious when daily, 1 hour, 30 mins etc setting start their cycle it is unclear when each new 4-hour cycle starts. Are we on GMT or London time or New York.
Hope I made myself clear

I’m pretty sure it uses whatever time your laptop is working on.

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Yeah, Thanks for that. I am in Thailand and sure enough, the strength meter reset itself at 4pm local time.

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There’s a timestamp I think at the bottom of each chart. Like when I go here: https://marketmilk.babypips.com/ I see EDT. :slight_smile: What do you see?


Never saw that!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

So cool! I see CDT. Where are you from?

i see EDT. where R U 2 @Emi.s @ponponwei from? i know Emi is from CA

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