What to do with fundamentals

Be prepared when important news are released.The good option is to stay aside to keep your risk at zero only if you are a conservative trader.
For aggressive traders put you orders in either way up/down and most important both side.If a true breakput happens then you win one of your trade and the other is not triggered.If a fakeout occurs be prepared as well set ur stop losses to your comfort zone.Thanks

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Is this a journal where you are giving yourself tips on what to do with fundamentals?

Or do you want advice on how others use fundamentals in their trading?

That is a piece of advice.Many traders are caught in chaos when big news are released

DECENT NEWS (nfp for instance) woud trigger BOTH of those limit orders - so what’s to do now ?

As you can see you need a very close focus on exit for both trades.If you can’t keep a sharp focus,just stay aside and look for opportunities elsewhere.

Thank you for the benefit of your superior knowledge and experience :wink:

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its a fine line , and thanks for your nice post.

Fundamental and news trader is one of the strategy. It need to understand fundamental how any news will be related to predict the result. By the way, every traders should aware when big events come. Advanced trader always set opposite direction to trade buy/sell and wait&see price movement.

I guess; you meant the pro traders by advance traders! Isn’t? in addition, pro traders follow the trend with market momentum status.

Thanks for the tips are you really experienced?

“What to do with fundamentals” - Ignore it.

I ignore all news and announcements including NFP, GDP and everything in between.

I love to trade economic releases or talking heads speeches because they cause a lot of volatility, i.e. opportunities to profit. The only thing you need to accept is the use of low or no leverage, this is the only way you can beat randomness risk-free.

Currently the market is losing liquidity very clearly. Should try to keep stoploss. especially at the beginning of the Asian session

Unfortunately the market right now is one big fundamental - there is no way from getting away from it. Lots of technical analysis just goes out of the window.

Technicals, specifically price action, is all I use and it’s working just fine.

When you trade fundamental news you need a live news feed like Metastock Xenith. If the news is better than predicted buy, worse than predicted, sell. But… the Central Banks need to be driving the market, not geopolitical like Covid19.

By ignore, do you mean you would keep an open position on a USD pair when you know the NFP is due to get announced?

Or would you close the position and wait for announcement to be made and volatility to die down again before getting involved in more trading?

Unsure as to wether by saying ignore you mean completely not even taking a notice the announcements are coming up or that you ignore the market whilst these announcements happen and do not look for potential trades

By ignore, I mean completely ignore. I pay as much attention to it as I do to the migration patterns of geese in winter. :grinning:

Haha fair enough but I mean why ignore it?

Placing a trade and then an announcement happens only to stop that trade out to take a loss when you could have avoided it by just knowing about that particular announcement in the first place?

See my post here …