What to look for in a broker

I have been demo trading for several months now. I feel I am ready to open account for real trade. In my efforts to choose a broker I am faced with so much conflicting information about them and the service they offer. It seems as though they are all just trying to take your money and run.They all have pretty decent demo platforms, but from what I here, they are nothing like the real thing. Without breaking any forum rules, could someone steer me in the right direction?

It all depends on what kind of trader you are. If you’re a day trader with minimum capital, you’re going to want to have a broker that’s easy to reach with a good service and sales desk. If you’re a big standard lot investor with over $50,000 to invest, you could look into brokerages that offer a bridge to the interbank market (where you bypass the dealer, but disputes in pricing can’t really be discussed). There are few FCMs that offer both, but UGM is a great place to start. Feel free to contact me with any questions.