What trading platform do you use?

Hey Guys,

I am in Australia and use GFT, considering switching to FXCM. Mostly do swing trades. Just wondering what you the general consensus is on the best platform etc?

Also, love MT4 so only looking to trade with providers of this software.


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I am also mt4 fan so hard to say…

I too in the MT4 family

MT4 as well- have heard good things about FXCM

I also use MT4, It is convenient with user friendly interface. For beginners is the perfect choice.

I also use and recommend MT4, it is convenient and there are A LOT of different indicators\scripts\EAs written in MT4 format so everybody can use them in his trading

Thanks guys, I just tried using Dealbook with GFT and wasn’t overly impressed. Will probably stick with MT4, found it to be the most user friendly!

MT4 here as well. Due to the flexibility, stability and the freedom in programming.

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I guess all of us use MT4, even my iphone ipad apps are MT4. well its like the most known and most popular platform.

Why not ibfx Australia ? Their version of mt4 is heavely customized and they added some EAs that helps to scalpers and fast trading people.

What exact EAs do you mean? Is that one-click trading tools or other EA?

Yes, that ea

absolutely right. FxCM is also very good. I used it very often.

I use MT4. Also I used to work with zulu and e-torro - this platforms are for social trading…

MT4. Easy to use and has everything I need

MT4 ftw! I’ve stopped using every other platform.

MT4 & MT5 are the most common. I use MT5 over MT4 because it let’s me play with cryptos in addition to indices and FOREX. Also adding external indicators is a smooth process here.

Hello, I am new to trading, can you please suggest a platform that offers a demo account, several ways to trade, and the most important thing is to be regulated?