What type of personality should a winning trader be?

a winning trader should be giving
a winning trader should be somebody who likes to be good
if you have this kind of personality characteristics
do not be afraid of trading
i can assure you
you will definitely make it
but if a person does not have that kind , gentle, polite and giving personality
well that person is just wasting his or her time as he or she did on other things and failed

You can not get something without giving something
that is what trading is all about

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Yes, he usually should be sort of nice guy, nobody even denies that, no jokes here, but I completely do not get why he also shouldn’t be calm, relaxing and on so on. Please do tell me something like that realy. But those two usually comes hand in hand.

Apathetic but interested.

Curious type. Someone who wants to learn. Know-it-all attitude never helps. Read, ask, question, research.

Winning trader must know what they want, understand the game, educate him/herself, take it very seriously, patient, thick skinned and strong minded.

So at least in theory, when you Win money you are taking it off widows and orphans whose only form of income comes from their capital.

How do you reconcile that with your "kind, gentle and ‘giving’ " personality ? :roll_eyes:

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You’re allowed your opinion and this is a place of free speech - you speak to whomso ever you want - just ignore our local schoolyard bully ! :roll_eyes:

Your words are as valuable as anyone else’s.

What right do YOU have to Tell people to whom they may or may not speak?


I feel like this is a dangerous question to ask because you end up putting people in boxes and stereotyping them. Instead, I think the question should be focused on the qualities or values that a successful trader should have. :slight_smile:

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A winning trader has to have patience and discipline, the two most important traits to succeed as a trader. The market will give you infinite opportunities and options to trade, but you have to be careful against jumping in to avail every option. Screen every opportunity with patience and then trade on it to make good profits.

Also, to be a winning trader, you must have the capability of forward thinking. You have to be calculative and use your trading knowledge to plan your next trading moves. Keep monitoring the trading scenario very carefully. Another trait you must have to win as a trader is being independent of what others say. Never follow anyone blindly as far as trading is concerned. Take your own decisions because nobody knows what require as a trader.

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I find that he should be brave person which does not fear of challenge and also determined to make success on this market. I find that these personality assets are quite necessary. What do you think?

According to me a winning trader is:

Always disciplined
Willing to learn from losses
Knows how to control emotions and not affect his trading.
He is proactive and patient
Avoids the ego trip
Mentally tough and is not too much affected by profits/losses
Forward thinker

Deaf, dumb, and blind. And with the lowest IQ possible (bordering on being institutionalized).

You would never second guess your trading system.

You would never take profits early.

You would never move a stop.

You wouldn’t bother when taking a loss.

You wouldn’t get ahead of yourself and become euphoric and full of it when you made a profit.

You would take every signal.

Sure I could come up with some more!!! LOL!!!

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You need to be calm, emotionally stable and deeply disciplined.

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A winning trader should be someone who has the tendency to be practical and has realistic approach to trading. He has to be adaptive to the changing market environments that can result in profitable trades. This type of trader has strong decision making capabilities.

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Dpaterso, you have the perfect trader there.

I am already getting blinder by the day, so all I need to work is on lowering my IQ and become deaf.

Since I am no genius, I am sure becoming dumber will not be a task out of reach. Probably a good measure would be to spend all my free time watching episodes of the life of the Kardashians, If that doesn t make me dumb beyond belief, I don t know what will: Any suggestions are welcome.

Regarding deafness, I have hopes of a serious ear infection from swimming, at some point.

Thanks for the great advice, I am always looking to improve my trading knowledge/skills and I really believe in your system. I will soon become blinder, deafer and dumber than anyone you know!

Calm and rational, not too much swaying in emotions, these will be the traits of a winner “executioner”.
Curious and smart, this will be the traits of a winner “system developer”.

I think the two main characteristics that a winning trader should have are: discipline and patience

I believe that a trader should have the quality of calmness and confidence.