What was the biggest turning point in your life?

Perhaps “burned out” might be a description these days of how it felt.


Oh no. What happened?

Grateful you’re still around and not injured! I have a friend who also was in a near death car crash and that also completely changed his perspective. After that incident, he applied for a job at Delta so he could travel cheaper/for free at times. I think he did that for about a year and he was so happy he got to do that. I don’t think that would have happened if not for that accident.


That’s one truly life changing decision. :slight_smile: I’m sad she’s no longer with you but also happy you had a very happy and productive life together!

Someone recently told me to be scared of success because it makes you overconfident whereas bad decisions/mistakes lead you to lessons and correcting things!

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Ugh terrible. I’m glad you got out of it! Is that person now scamming their new victim?

Amazing. I hope we see more of you around here! :slight_smile:

Oof. Was it the marriage or was it just life in general?

Were there other symptoms aside from no longer liking your career? I keep hearing about this too but don’t really know anyone who’s gone or currently going through it. Would be helpful in a couple years for some of my friends!

I can’t imagine.

All the best as you embark on the world, hopefully with others to support you.


It’s everything actually. You find you are re-evaluating everything you know - friends, relationship, interests, the way you even pass your day when not working. The job is where this can start or for some it is just a side-issue alongside all the others. Some men come out of it as different persons.

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Are the feelings usually indicative of some sort of unhappiness?

Great question. Actually there are not necessarily any issues consciously, but as soon as you feel compelled to question one thing, everything has to be re-evaluated.

Not sad but unsettling.

Me too, I’ve been breathing the fresh air of relieve ever since.:grin:

Definitely, I’m here to stay.:muscle:t4:

Oh okay. Just more like questioning things you’ve normally just accepted. I have to ask female friends if this is something that’s happened to them. I know it’s largely the changing appearance that is a huge source of disconnect for them.

Yay! PS how does one pronounce your name?


:joy:…it was coined from "Matthew and Micheal"

So, you have Matt + hael + Fx

(The Fx will make more sense when I become a profitable trader):blush:

You can read about it in my long journal entry:
Out of the ashes - Trading Discussion / Trade Journals - BabyPips.com Forum

Funny but sad
I’m sorry tho​:pray::heart:

So it’s pronounced… Mat-hail?

More of "Math-el":grin:

Oh okay! So the th is together. Thank you! I’ll let you know if I encounter another Matthael!

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I think life can be exciting and unpredictable and challenging due to the choices we make and they change things in a big way and one decision can lead to so many different paths and makes life thrilling.

No problem.:blush: