What was the biggest turning point in your life?

What’s that one thing that changed your life’s trajectory and made it better or worse?

I saw a quote once that said you’re only one decision away from having a completely different life and it’s fascinating to think about. I feel like I haven’t had such huge turning points in my life just yet. How about you?


And here’s my answer in your question.

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I joined a Catholic missionary group when I was 20 in 1997, and it made my life worse. I changed that trajectory and improved my life when I became an atheist in 2011.

What about you joining babypips and becoming a trader? It seems like something that would be a huge turning point. It has definitely started to make a big difference in my life.

Although I’m not a full time trader yet, I can say that my life before babypips was completely different from life after babypips.


Well, my trading journey commenced in April 2000 while I was locked up at home during Covid. That was the slow start of taking back control of my life.

It has taken me over three years to accept that I was one decision away for having a life I wanted.

That decision occurred following a recent car crash into a concrete post - my fault - where my seat belt saved me from losing my health. Fortunately, I was on my own.

When life has almost been taken away, I am thankfull for a second chance to turn my life around.

Thanks for reading this.



Meeting the love of my life 33 years ago. It changed immeasurably for the better. :heart_eyes:
Now she’s gone it’s tough without her. :broken_heart:


Not to go too much in depth but,

About a year ago I made a very bad decision in a relationship. One I’ll regret for the rest of my life. But, it was in this mistake and the time that ensued after that I realized where I wanted my life to go. Who I wanted to be became more and more defined. I began on a path that has been so, so very hard everyday but rewarding.

That journey has lead me here and will eventually lead me to financial freedom eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way glad of what I did or the actions that a much different me took. But I am grateful that I was able to learn the lessons and become better.


Sorry about that😞

I was trying to find focus as I was trying to better my skills in Internet marketing, website design and graphic design. I needed someone to guide me, and to help me learn to utilise my skills well.

Fortunately, I found someone who gave me the platform to explore and helped me with the experience I needed.

The short of it all, I recently realised the relationship was taking from me way more than it gave. The worse part was I had no source of income, I had high hopes, thinking I was going to be paid at some point when things turns around for the company.

I never knew I was just living in a thought of fantasy.

What seem like a great network, turned to be like parasitic one.

Anyway, thank GOD I realised it, and it got me thinking. In my deep thoughts about my life, the thought of becoming a forex trader kept popping up and that helped solidify my decision.

For me, all that was necessary to finally push me towards the path of forex trading.


After I got married 18 years ago, everything in my life began to spiral downhill. Not that I’m complaining or blaming anyone. It’s also given me an opportunity to develop my iron will and fortitude to move forward in life. I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As of now, I would say things are slowly turning around and heading in my desired direction, albeit quite slowly.


I experienced the classic mid-life crisis when I got to 41. I never saw it coming, I thought it was just a lazy affectation when other men talked about it. But if you get it it’s real and it can take your life in a whole new direction.

I had a professional career which I loved so much that people joked that if I wasn’t getting paid a salary I would still do the job for the fun of it. Within a short period of time I came to see the whole thing as a complete waste. After that revelation there was no going back.


How did you come to see it as a complete waste? What was that process like for you?

Did you regret it? Was it no longer fun? Was it because your favorite co-worker left?

What happened?

Or was it all just about age?

Thank you sir

Perhaps “burned out” might be a description these days of how it felt.


Oh no. What happened?

Grateful you’re still around and not injured! I have a friend who also was in a near death car crash and that also completely changed his perspective. After that incident, he applied for a job at Delta so he could travel cheaper/for free at times. I think he did that for about a year and he was so happy he got to do that. I don’t think that would have happened if not for that accident.


That’s one truly life changing decision. :slight_smile: I’m sad she’s no longer with you but also happy you had a very happy and productive life together!

Someone recently told me to be scared of success because it makes you overconfident whereas bad decisions/mistakes lead you to lessons and correcting things!

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Ugh terrible. I’m glad you got out of it! Is that person now scamming their new victim?

Amazing. I hope we see more of you around here! :slight_smile:

Oof. Was it the marriage or was it just life in general?

Were there other symptoms aside from no longer liking your career? I keep hearing about this too but don’t really know anyone who’s gone or currently going through it. Would be helpful in a couple years for some of my friends!

I can’t imagine.

All the best as you embark on the world, hopefully with others to support you.


It’s everything actually. You find you are re-evaluating everything you know - friends, relationship, interests, the way you even pass your day when not working. The job is where this can start or for some it is just a side-issue alongside all the others. Some men come out of it as different persons.

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Are the feelings usually indicative of some sort of unhappiness?