What was the most shocking thing you heard? (real life or fictional)

This is true but it was never about race.

Through colonization, apartheid-type structures, racism, and discrimination against races were introduced

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There is no intention to disparage any ethnic group. History is history, I love everyone until they cross me.

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You say you do not intend to disparage any ethnic group yet you blame the Europeans for introducing racism into slavery where it had not existed before - “The racism and hatred of people based on their skin color evolved from slavery and colonization.”.

Your other posts have stated that racism was a factor in other modes of slavery, but you still blame European colonisers for racism. I’m guessing this comes straight from the modern US educational system. Which kind of makes my point.


colonization, apartheid-type structures, racism, and discrimination against races were introduced, Not blaming but stated facts. no need for anyone to be offended

Every colonized country had this policy, a policy that governed relations between white minorities and nonwhite majorities


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You read selectively. This makes it absolutely safe for me to put you on Ignore.

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As you may, Enjoy the rest of your year

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Take race out the equation, A number of atrocities have been committed around the world, including genocides and slavery. Does it really matter who did what? Atrocities are atrocities regardless of what role one may have played, evil is evil.

Do we blame all Germans for the actions of Hitler and his crew.


What used to be the craziest thing I had seen in a movie was this scene in Avengers. Hulk knocks this Chitauri alien ship out, and it was wild! But Hulk potentially has unlimited strength. So, it’s cool, but expected.

hulk golpe

But now, the craziest thing I’ve seen in a movie is Captain America aka Steve Rogers getting into a fight in an elevator, then jumps out the building in order to escape.

The reason it was so crazy to me is because he’s not as strong as the Hulk. It’s a lot riskier for him to make that kind of jump. And he jumped with nothing but his shield, upon which he landed. This scene, to me, is both cool, and unexpected.




Child trafficking, how does anyone do that? Anyone who participates in such evil doesn’t deserve to live.



Didn’t shock me so perhaps in the wrong thread?


Oftentimes, the most shocking thing a person hears or sees is something dramatic or traumatize

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@tommor & @SmallPaul you guys took the conversation to a whole other level. Awesome! Thank you for that amazing journey through history!!!

Vibranium is very hard to damage and he’s a freaking super soldier so I guess I kind of expected him to survive such a crazy fall :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Wow. Yeah, So true and still happening. sadly. Women and men too, and exotic animals. Some Pople are born without feelings I guess, or they chose to ignore it when it comes to money.

haha… all kinds of shocks are welcome. and its’ more of a disgust feeling I guess than shocking. But can people really do such tings? and after doing that how do they live with themselves! It’s crazy to think about.

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Why is it - that the obvious which he states and which all thinking people can readily understand and reflect on, is so ignored and sinply not considered by the average Pleb ?

as I believe Churchill once wrote

"I used to be a great believer in democracy - until I met an actual average voter !"


Yep - Saint Patrick was one such slave - he was from Wales - nabbed by pirates and sold to Ireland - held captive for 6 years ( he was made to work as a shepherd) and then managed to escape to France.

Came back and argued against slavery and became a bishop (also referred to as a shepherd - thus the shepherd’s crook.)

The story of St Patrick the patron saint of Ireland… from Wales (nation.cymru)

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Yeah, but that shield is not exactly a soft landing. And yes, you’d expect him to survive, but he jumped from really really high. That wasn’t the 8th floor. That’s why I was so surprised. That’s pushing the limit!

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For me, it’s the wars in Ukraine and Israel right now. When you see the videos of what’s happening and what has happened there, it’s just horrifying. I simply don’t understand Why?

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Honestly, I can’t understand too. I just don’t get, how a group of people just do that to another group of people, don’t they have the faintest idea that we are all humans and all anyone want is to stay in peace with their families. Ridiculous!

I think it can be an interesting interview about our future