What was your maximum number of consecutive losses? And what was your feeling at that time?

I have been trading for 3 years and made many profits and losses.
In previous month I exceeded my past record of 4 consecutive losses.
I made 5 losses in a row.
What is your experience?
(** Loss is a part of trading. I want to know the fact and statistics.)

Last month trading live I had four consecutive losses, a 44% win rate, and an overall 0.25% profit.

A couple of years ago demo trading I had 13 consecutive losses on differing pairs in one day’s trading.

5 also. After the 5th loss I decided I needed to pause. I think in reality I had about 2 or 3 losing trades but the rest of the trades were trying desperately to recoup the money I lost and so I was entering trades with stress, fear, etc on my mind and of course those never yield good results.

What’s your plan? Will you also take a break?

If my planned opportunity comes to me, then I will execute the 6th trade.
I always say to me. “If my trade goes wrong but I didn’t make mistake, I will take the next one without doubt.”

It’s been 21 days! What happeed? Did you end up taking the 6th trade and what happened to that trade?

Of course, I took the trade and it covered most of the losses.
My 7th trade also made profit, so I ended the month with green.
If you took a trade based on plan, and it went wrong, you should tell you “I will take that trade again.” This is very hard to do, but you should do it to win.

That’s awesome! So happy to hear!!!

I once had an entire day of loss and I felt depressed that day. But I took a break for one day after that and it gave me the courage to start again.

28 in a row ,got numb

Did you stick to trading plan?

yes i did ,but seems like the market know more about my trading plan than me.anyway 13 yrs ago