What will be your ISEC WM reviews, investors?

I think you should discuss all your doubts with the ISEC Wealth Management manager. Because an investment always comes with certain risks. And it’s clear from our dialogue that you don’t don’t have a complete undertanding on how to calculate it. You don’t see a clear perspective, and that’s troubling. So the best way out in this situation is just to talk to the manager and ask questions. And of course, then write back to us :slight_smile: We’re really interested.

Check reviews at FPA to see what its previous customers have to say about it.

Personally, I don’t invest in anything just because I have the money to make the purchase. I wait for the right time until I get a complete understanding of what it is and how it will affect my investments. This is what I will advise you too. Don’t take unnecessary risks if you want to save your hard-earned money.

FPA is for brokerage services, ISEC WM is portfolio management firm which is a bit different. In any case they don’t have a profile at FPA. There are other reviews sites and the customer reviews sound genuine and mostly positive-to-neutral.
I’ve noticed they’ve started publishing more in social networks. Subscribed and will keep watching over them for a little while.

I wonder if they invested any of the client’s money in Bitcoin recently?

They claim not to invest in the risy assets. Actually, few weeks ago I’ve registered an account (didn’t fund yet!)
and the manager phoned. We discussed a little the issue of risks and that’s what he said. ISEC seems to be rather conservative in this regard. What I liked, the guy mentioned both effects of this choice to remain conservative. You wil never hit the moon alon g with bitcoin all of a sudden. Investing will be boring and more or less predictable. I think this is not exciting, but wise.

Good to know, good to know.
Yeah, most profitable year after year strategies are quite boring. Invest and forget - that’s the good thing about them. No stress compensates for the lack of excitement.

Had a look at their facebook page. Look lively. Was quite impressed with the lottery winners stories. LOL, looks like grabbing a fortune is not all you need to be rich for a lifetime.

Guys, do you think this is too late to invest after snp500 grew this high?

I bet you’ve been actively trading until now. Correct? The quastion is very typical for new investors and it’s been raised since the emergence of stock market I believe. To put it briefly - NO. Any time is a good time to invest. Uptrend is twice a good time to invest.

hmm, that’s right I’m used to active trading style. Yet, isn’t the rule same everywhere - buying highs is for losers, isn’t it?

Well, first of all try explaining this to investors that bought US shares when SnP500 was making new 2000 high, 2500, 3000 highs, etc.
Secondly, ISEC WM investment are not stock-only investments. They diversify to harvest some risk premia but try to keep it all balanced between some fixed income instruments, real estate, stocks, etc. I’ve had my doubts too but I’m glad I’ve finally made up my mind. 5K is in. We weill see how it goes in a year or two. I don’t plan to invest more, but I will reinvest the profits if any to compound the interest.

Keep us posted on how it goes please. Personally I’m strongly persuaded that both trading actively and investing requires some mathematical approach not only in terms of where to enter and exit the market but also understand how to diversify, what kinds of retracements to expect or NOT to expect. I know that people all keep saying that the past performance does not guarantee anything to happen in future, but past quotes is the only source of factual information that we can get, so I tend to trust the math-based models whether they are long-term strategies or intraday.

I agree! I don’t really see much else info that we can rely on!
As for keeping posted, I don’t think that a month or two is good enough to drive any conclusions at all. That’s a long-term project and 6 month is the least time slot that is sufficient enough. I know that everything happens faster nowadays and changes come to the market too quickly due to the development of new extraordinary technologies but still money does not like rushing. We’ll see how it goes with isec but not this month for sure.

Changes come fast, that’s right. What most people are kinda slow to realize that the changes don’t only relate to our money or market state. There are too many changes in biotech and human life expectancy. 50 years ago or even 20 years ago nobody could imagine that people will postpone marriages and kids till their 40’s or expect to live to their 100 or even more! That assumes we’ve got to get more responsible about out savings. Many people start new careers in their 50’s and 60’s nowadays. They plan to live long and happily but can’t rely on previously planned pension plans. The earlier you start to save - the better.

What do you think of risk-mitigation efforts provided by ISEC WM? I’ve read a bunch of articles about possible inflationary pressure in the upcoming months if not years. That might be a concern for the interest rates, no?

Well, this is what diversification is needed for. ISEC WN does not sell a single investment product, the efforts are aimed at allocating client funds to a whole portfolio of assets. You as a client can take part in the decision-making process as the range of investment models is wide. They differ by the percentage of asset classes present in the portfolios. The main part is related to government bonds, which are the most stable assets you may find.

Central banks should be concerned about the inflationary pressure but not retail investors. Moreover, if major regulators will have nothing to hike the interest rates to tackle the inflation, investors in the fixed-income market will be the biggest winners. There’s a strong correlation between nominal and real interest rates, and expectations of a rate hike should only support the bullish trend of government bonds and other safe-haven securities.

This is a very interesting conversation you have here.
What do you think of alternative assets like equities? Does ISEC WM offer access to them in the investment models? I see stock indices constantly rising, so why not invest in this type of financial instrument?

Well, if you have a long-term planning horizon and a deep buffer of the available funds, then you can consider investing in equities. But you should be aware that this type of securities is vulnerable to significant drawdowns, in contrast to government bonds or other assets in the fixed-income market. ISEC WM has alternative solutions to form the investment portfolio, and you will be the person to make the final decision about its allocation. But I’m sure that the company experts will warn you about the risks related to the equities market.
The recent growth of stock indices is related to supportive measures imposed by monetary regulators. But if (or when?) inflation will rise, central banks will react by hiking the interest rate, and the pace of growth of the equity market might decline. This scenario does not take into account a potential sell-off in case of another wave of panic related to the recent crisis of the global economy.