What will be your ISEC WM reviews, investors?

Hello everyone. I came across one investment management project. This is ISEC WM. I read on their website about how they work. Guys promise to make a portfolio, which will bring from 7% per annum with a conservative strategy. Then the portfolio will be monitored continuously, and the company will make rebalancing.
I found out that managers mostly buy bonds and equities. How attractive do you think it can be? Is it worth trying such an investment? Or will it not be much more profitable than a bank deposit in total? I would be glad to see your reviews.

Well, I’ve not heard about this company before. But it’s interesting. My friend told me about his investment experience. It wasn’tt very successful because there were trades with only one asset in his Investor’s account. So, the fact that this company diversifies its portfolio and continuously monitor it sounds very good. But, as everywhere else, the most significant earnings here are with the riskiest strategy. If you dance, you must pay the fiddler.

As an investor with some experience, I follow a rule: not to buy something simply cause I’ve got the money. So, I want to find something profitable and safe enough.

You need to decide on your financial objective. And already on this basis, you’ll see what you can be offered.

This sounds interesting but be careful and try to check their credentials. I have never heard about this so make sure you do your research.