What will drive crypto’s likely 2024 bull run?

Easing monetary policies, the decline of inflation, the change in Bitcoin’s mining difficulty, and growing confidence in DeFi are factors that point to a renewed surge for crypto prices.

What do you think can drive another crypto bull run?

Who knows? haha

steve369 has said that btc probably won’t go up again until people stop talking about it.

I agree. I think when a lot of people have forgotten about it and think it’s done, that’s when people in-the-loop will start buying it up. After the heavy hitters have secured their position, it’ll start going up again. And when the momentum starts really running, that’s when the public will jump in and everyone who got in early will start selling.

It’s the same old thing over and over.

More mainstream adoption in the institutional and retail space. Stuff like this:

I think it will depend on DXY and Sp500 index. DXY needs decline and Sp500 needs growth. I see a correlation.

I agree. Thinking now if I should restart DCA or wait for it to drop some more.

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Perhaps start small right now, then gradually increase your DCA contributions as it goes down.

What do you think?