What will happen with the clients of Alpari uk?

What will happen with the clients of Alpari uk?

they will be left to wait for up to eight weeks to hear any news from the administrators. Kpmg are checking to see if client funds are all there, then they will send out statements to clients, it will be about 3 months until we get our money back im guessing. if kpmg charge me to give me back my money i will claim it back from the fscs.

Thank you for the reply, it really clears up of what I will be needing to do. Although, the 3 months waiting period is quite long, in my opinion. Yesterday, I read that on this article: Alpari UK FCA Administrator requests details for the claimsAtoZ Forex that they have sent out mails to clients requesting details, however I haven’t received it. Anyway, let’s hope for the best and that we will receive our money back soon.

It is dangerous not to try again but you are dead if you give up.

They havent sent out any requests to me. Did you get the chance to send the proof of debt form? it was on kpmgs site for a little bit but then disappeared. I did then they sent me an email saying they received it, if you didnt get the chance dont worry they will be in contact within 8 weeks.

That goes for me too.
I also sent the form and got a confirming email back a few days later… but as you said, the proof of dept form was only available for a couple of hours… Not sure why they removed it…

8 weeks might seem to be a long time, but hey…this i a fx issue we are talking about… isn’t forex all about patience? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, forex is all about patience and the 8 weeks seems long at first sight, but it is actually quite alright. Thanks for the sharing the news upon the proof of debt form, too bad that it was only for a couple of hours online on KPMG. Maybe that’s the reason why, I did not noticed it at all. Either way, heads up and hopefully the progress will be accelerated. :slight_smile: Please keep me informed, if news updates appear. Thank you for helping out!

The waiting has provided us with some news. Check out this article: Details on KPMG’s Confidential Information Memorandum on Alpari UK - AtoZ ForexAtoZ Forex In short, the clients who have lost their money, will be hopefully entirely refunded. :slight_smile:

I’m not negativ here, but I will not rely on anything until this case is closed…
Still not opening a bottle of beer to celebrate until my money transfered back to me :wink:

That it is certainly true, we can’t rely on news as long our money still hasn’t returned. However, this news did provide me with asmall sense of comfort. But not enough indeed to pop open a bottle of fine liquor.

Well, the potential sale of Alpari UK, haven’t done any good for the unsettled clients of the firm. Or at least, the KMPG/Alapari ensures the opposite.

It’s a bit outdated, bit due to my busy schedule I just found out this article, announcing that there have been complaints upon the progress of the case. Whereas priority is given to the sale of the firm. :S I hope the KPMG/Alpari progress report is accurate. Alpari/KPMG progress report - AtoZ ForexAtoZ Forex

Guys, I just want to notify you that KPMG has launched a claims program for Alpari UK clients who lost their funds. I found info on this website KPMG launches Claims portal for Alpari UK clients - AtoZ ForexAtoZ Forex

There is even more great news guys. Have you already notice that the FSCS is also going to provide compensation alongside the JSA? It’s only for colossal amounts, so not for me. Alpari UK clients to be compensated by UK’s compensation scheme - AtoZ ForexAtoZ Forex