What would convince you to be a mentor?

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You may also choose not to do it. It’s up to you.

Ok you two…enough. This is getting tiresome.


This is what I think every time there is a topic with “mentor” in the title so it is better to elaborate on the same topic. :wink:

There are differnt points of view about what mentors are and what mentors should be.

Everyone with more than one year of experience can explain the basics, the problem is when an “expert” let believe to be a profitable trader.
It is up to the mentor to prove to be a profitable trader (with a trackrecord), otherwise i assume he is a charlatan.
I never found a mentor teaching and stating clear to be unprofitable.


It might be tiresome because the same stuff is being repeated. But its important for people to realise that there will be different opinions and even if theres no evidence the opinion can still be valid.

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I’ve taught people how to trade, but they quit after not being able to be as good as I am, which I told them from the start would not happen.

a mentor should have had many years of experience

Not necessarily. Someone could have learned about forex within the last two years and be significantly outperforming people who have been at the game for over a decade. Who would you prefer to be your mentor then???

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@THE_GOATE, True, some pick this up very quickly and don’t require a few years of demoing and pissing about going from one strategy to the next… Like most of us!

I’ve witnessed it, I believe those with extraordinary solution based mathematical aptitudes will have a major advantage jumping into markets such as Forex, it just makes sense to some… instantly!

Different POV I guess. I’d prefer someone who’s gone through the longer and more painful trials. Someone who can relate the failure I’m going through and give me the proper counsel and encouragement. Plus the assurance that failing is expected and that it’s part of the learning process. Not confident a genius is able to give this more “normal” perspective.


Funny I was just about to say something similar.

Also I think anyone who is a gifted math genius, is hardly likely to be the most empathic of mentors.

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Your right of course, why would a natural waste his/her time trying to teach those that cannot trade their way out of a wet paper bag…

Where as most Mentors, will take money from anyone silly enough, who continue to pay them, even when they know some of their paycheck pupils haven’t got a hope in hell of being successful…


The only thing we have to do in trading is to follow a few simple rules - nothing more nothing less.

It should be really really simple but as you stated most pupils haven’t got a hope in hell of doing it.

As the Buddha said (or as the sign I just read at the local temple said anyway) ‘it’s easier for a man to conquer 1000 men than conquer his own heart’.

Trading is really just another manifestation of this, and how lacking in self-control most of us human beings really are.

I could be wrong but what I gather from what you wrote here is that you believe hard work trumps smart work. And why would anyone believe the “new” mentor hadnt gone through any trials and the works? Because he didnt do it as long devalues his challenges he went through?

Because two years, in this hypothetical instance, is too short a timeframe for him demonstrate he has faced all the conceivable obstacles a more seasoned trader has experienced. For e.g

  • he could be doing an excellent job of interpreting and acting on an extended bull/bear run. Will he continue to demonstrate the same nimbleness & caution when the environment changes?
  • Or perhaps he’s experiencing a conflict free environment on a personal front. What happens if he’s faced with trauma like the death of a family member or divorce?

Also just my opinion but geniuses or gifted individuals are wired differently. They interpret, comprehend and act differently and are considered outliers to the more average crowd. Can someone like that slow down, take the time to understand how a more regular person thinks and mould what he understands to a program that benefits a more normal person? If so, then there could be benefit. Else you risk imitating what he/she did to succeed and risk failure.

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If you’re doing well in trading, there is no need to be a mentor.

[quote=“Petezaa, post:144, topic:538847, full:true”]
If you’re doing well in trading, there is no need to be a mentor

Mate, re-read that comment.

I call it luck.
I would not ask mentorship to a guy that has been lucky and think to be profitable.

You nailed it, James Simons does not sell mentorship.

Just stumbled onto Linda Raschke’s interview here in #community:trader-interviews. Her take on mentorship/coaching (question 9) I think would help a lot of us newbies.


Oooh! :open_mouth: I almost forgot about these! But I’m glad you uncovered them. :sweat_smile: I remember PipMeHappy put so much work in these. :blush: I hope he’s doing okay too. Maybe I’d shoot him a message sometime.