What would you do in a high voltage death trap?

Suppose you somehow land on a high tension high voltage power line and end up sitting on one of these wires suspended by pylons, knowing that up there you are safe and won’t be electrocuted because of equipotential, Knowing that help is unlikely to arrive. What would you do next? Would you
a- try touch the grounded pylon and get instantly electrocuted and carbonized to death by 25 kilovolts, or
b - Jump to your death on the ground below or
c - Sit there and slowly starve to death.

Poll below, but I’m curious to hear your choice and reason for the choice.

  • Touch the pylon and get vapourized
  • Fall to death
  • Sit there and starve

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Stay alive as long as possible and hope for a miracle

Me too. I’d just hope someone would come along and free me.

How high are we in the air?

Hope that I am one of those superhumans that is not affected by it.

Haha same. I’ll be holding on to that chance to be saved for as long as I could.

Same! Hope and pray that someone will arrive to save me,

I would hope it’s just not a good dream where everything ends well. An electric shock doesn’t really kill me, but rather gives me the ability to resist high voltages. And then I leave at sunset on my cool bike that’s gonna be matte black. Bumm drops the microphone