What you didn't know

that seems great how long youve been tradin?

yup ive been hearin that from the first day ive started learnin forex and tradin :woman_facepalming:

WTH is psychological aspects in tradin? don make it that hard :expressionless: :broken_heart:

US. why? think you wanna tell me few brokers accept traders from us, right?

youre learning to build or youre buildin your own EAs? cause these two R way different

why R U doin this to me? why? im gonna freakout :tired_face:

Both! I’m learning and building. It’s pretty complex so I built a simple one yesterday using moving averages, but still learning to build more complex ones.

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hello, Pauley1. If you read between the lines in my previous comment you will discover that I said trading has nothing to do with guessing. There is no room for guesswork in trading otherwise one would only be good at blowing accounts.

As much as the information appears, I’m afraid it is not enough; it is the threshold to much more that can only be gained through experience. I believe anyone can be successful in trading if they have access to useful information.


you mean as a new trader or just stopped for a while?
I didn’t know I can modify the st and tp after I set them.

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I was off Forex since 2010 because of The Dodd-Frank Act. I start trading forex again since Feb 2023 with $500 because of boredom. Now looking to go with a prop firm challenge to get the funded account.

Just curious. Which part of the US?

thatd be great! lemme know about you EAs whenever you craet them i wanna test them out

so please stay active on babypips and let everyone see this valuable information.

wishin you the best of luck in your forex tradin journey :green_heart:

NY what bout U?

Honestly, I had no clue about the whole emotions thing when it comes to trading. But now I realize that everyone should really keep their emotions in check when it comes to their trades. It’s a game-changer.

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i haven experienced any emotions bout tradin yet but course ill consider it thanks so much :green_heart: :green_heart:

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If you ever run into any problems or situations where you’re not sure what to do, just know that you can count on me.

Have you already started trading? :slight_smile: